The comfort zone equals with the dangerous zone

          Hi smart people, howdy? Today I would like to discuss about the weakness of "the comfort zone", maybe you often hear that word because everyone has ever tasted the comfort zone during childhood and many older people are very proud by training their children in the comfort zone because they thought children need a safety treatment, i agree that every children need a safety treatment, but the question is, until when? remember; the survival ability is more important than a safety treatment, whether we like it or not, our children must have survival ability or they will destroy their own future plan when children turn into adult, don't ever try to spoil your children with everything they need, such as giving them a cellphone before they reach at age 14 because the cell phone or gadget will retard to children's survival ability, the first education we can give to children, namely by training their habit with your own positive attitude such as discipline, consistent and commitment, remember this note; you can train children's habit with good characteristic before they reach at age 14 and you can start to train the children's mindset when they already reach at ages 14, the main reason why giving the training program to children's logic skill must be started at age 14 because children's capacity natural growth is started to grow when they reach at ages 14.

             Starting from now, don't wait the right momentum to approach you because a great thing will be calculated from future's time when you leave your comfort zone and you start learning the survival ability, the main reason why human must learn the survival ability because the human's inborn ability will be destroyed by time machine when humans stop learning at something, besides that the universe’s system will be expanded steadily by Almighty God (Allah) for some reason, by all means, if we don't compete with the universe's system, we will start suffering, so as normal human being, our main job are cultivating our mentality with adversity, keep practicing our inborn ability, adapt with surprising circumstance, and learning from every mistake, don't ever say to yourself like this “this world is cruel and unfair”, because your capacity is stronger than universe's system, remember this natural law "every creature who can adapt, they will be saved automatically", so if you don’t want to improve your  habit or self-capacity, you will never have had something you want and you will be treated as prisoner of your own mind.

Once again, I remind you, don’t ever never consider this world system is cruel and uncomfortable because you always have choice to write down your own destiny, the human’s capacity is unique because humans have the strongest capacity whom Almighty God (Allah) ever created, before human is born on earth, human’s skill is zero and their ability don’t equal with the universe’s ability, the main reason why the universe is being assigned to teach human because human will be taking responsibility from Almighty God (Allah) to represent the universe's job, besides that, Almighty God gives you many opportunities every 24 hours per day because Almighty God wants you to protect yourself and stay away from suffering and darkness, remember;"opportunity comes from your inborn ability", sadly many people neglect their inborn ability and start to blame the circumstance, as impact, people get suffer and get poor, here is the key how to expand your capacity “when something goes out from your body, you need to refill yourself with feed”, the word "feed" means knowledge and wisdom, if you don't feed yourself with wisdom and knowledge, the darkness will stay within your capacity, as impact you will think negativity, so every day you need to compete with your own time and challenge yourself to reach clear goals as if you would die tomorrow.
Time will make you suffer if you use your time to keep waiting, enjoy your time with your inborn ability

The keyword how to recognize your survival ability whether it already being mature or not is looking at your sincerity of faith; when you stop complaining about something you don't have, willingly to admit your own mistake and you stop making an error judgment, if you already do that ritual, means you already leave your comfort zone, remember this note for your essential life; the human’s physical body is only fed by food and water, the human’s soul is only fed by the truthfulness, the human’s creativity is only fed by emotional intelligence, the human’s fear is only fed by greedy, those are examples how to know more about your capacity, if you want to discover the answer of life, use your major time to observe a new thing from different surroundings area and don’t trust your yesterday's memory.

You can leave your comfort zone by applying discipline, stay committed about what you start, and keep practicing your craft, do it as if you would die tomorrow, the reason why comfort zone is part of dangerous area because the darkness of life will kill your own potential, your darkness is your own ignorance, remember this note; the darkness of life is designed to gnaw the human’s hope, so don’t stop learning from universe’s system because universe will not get bored to teach, remember my personal advice; the comfort zone is supposed to use for caring of the sick people, as long as you are not sick, you must struggle and keep hunger to know a lot about your own potential, if you lead your faith to deepen knowledge, you will meet with (Allah) God's wisdom, but if you lead your faith to find the self-satisfaction, you will meet with evil, here is one more note; everything great is started from the power of faith, if your faith doesn’t lead you to the God’s wisdom, leave your religion.