The rich people invest in time, the poor people invest in money

          Hi smart people, Howdy? Today I would like to share how to make wealth through time and habit, the reason why I choose that topic because there is something important I want to let you know, namely about the life rule, it says “time never come late and it can’t be exchanged with everything you have”wealth must be started with having good habit such as appreciating the time, without appreciating time, means someone has spent time to create the unproductive mistake and he plans to fail, when someone doesn't appreciate about the time, means he can't have an opportunity to see wealth in the future, remember; wealth can be achieved when we invested our right mindset, knowledge and good habit in the past, furthermore, wealth can't be relied on how much money you have but how much time value you invest on it, here is for your note; when you invest money, you will get money in return, but when you invest time with your knowledge, you will collect many new resources such as degree, reputation, money, popularity, health, Me-time, good career, etc. wealth must be started by having studying activity, wealth can't be shaped when your mind can’t produce any idea.

Train your mindset before you train skill, that's good philosophy, means we need to invest our time by listening and reading something more from other people’s past experience, history or book, that’s simple job if someone wants to get rich, wealth can’t be reached if someone doesn’t have reading activity or keep studying, remember this note; learning wealth and business are like learning new language, during learning new language, we need to read more, listen more and speak morethe more we create a new mistake, we get smarter rather than before, if we don’t have any courage to try, we will not know whether our potential is growing or not, the more you question about yourself, the more you create a clear goal.

Now my question is “why people prioritize investing money rather than investing time with learning new thing such as collecting new experience?” the answer because most people don't believe so much about possibility in the future, they consider money can be used to pay the credit card and pay monthly bill, and fulfilling the daily needs, now I start to understand why many people get poor when they are already getting old, the major problem; they follow the trend of money's direction, remember; poor people always save money although they know money is always deflation whereas rich people follows idea, creativity and opportunity.