Today is yesterday’s student

Be a good student and be responsible what you learn

          Hi smart people, Howdy? Today I would like to share about how to make life journey is more incredible through time management, the reason why I choose that topic because many people prioritize using their time for making fun and making money only, they forget that time can grab their opportunity at anytime when people are busy to make fun or make money, here is my personal advice; don't be busy but be productive, appreciate what you have before time compels you to appreciate what it's left, by that it means, when you don't use your time to protect something valuable in your mind, so time will force to get into your mind and grab what you protect, now you know the main reason why people get poor easily because they choose to neglect what they protect in their mind, time is like vacuum cleaning machine, it will sweep something when you don't protect anymore, remember this note; time will not sweep what you protect if you commit to protect it, here is the first rule “time is like justice’s character”, time will cooperate well with human being when humans start to commit with something they have created  and time can betray and kill the human’s hope when they don’t commit with their creation.
Time to invest or time will sweep what you protect

             Starting to appreciate something alive is part of good characteristic because it shows respectful, as if it would never been wasted, here is for your note; time will put the pain of regret to anyone who always become opinionated person or reject the opportunity to evolve, time will put any mistake to people who always blame the people or blame the life circumstance around, time will give reward to anyone who appreciates about patience during they keep struggling for their dream and time will show solution to anyone who accepts the failure without complain.
Use your time to evolve your creation or time will sweep what you protect

Here is the second rule “time will show the result and it can’t be interfered by anyone else except Almighty God (Allah)” so basically all the successful story and the unsuccessful story can’t be determined by human’s determination even though human can make the tight schedule for success, the reason why human can’t determine the success result because success is part of the time calculation and time is designed to count what people do, so human are not entitled at anything to determine the success timeout, human being are just like the spectator of the match, these message are very important for you: when you use your time to wait, time will make you feel bored or feel longer, when you use your time to enjoy what you do, time will make you feel shorter,  time will put the pain of disappointment when you overestimate your hope and wait the human's authority, time will put the pain of regret and pain of anxious in the end of your life when you harm or kill to anybody else, time will take your joyful and put the mental disorder when you spend your time to chase the money only.

Time will count every attempt from what people do and time will keep counting from what people don’t do, that’s why people must have future plan, when we use time or we don’t use time properly, time will leave us, time has water's characteristic, it’s always flowing, obedient and it’s never stopped moving, here is the third rule; “time has never come late ever”, so don’t ever try to compromise with time when you make promise because time hates compromising and time loves commitment, remember this note; time is like the frightening machine, time will kill human's wishes when they don't use their desire to work hard, time is too dangerous to be resisted because time can make us death at anytime, all we need to do as human being are learning, observing, listening, reading, planning, curiosity and having patience, the reason why we do all the jobs because our mind is always emptiness, we don’t have anything valuable except we follow the time's rule.