You must demand the great thing of yourself

          Hi smart people, howdy? Today I would like to share about how to make the art of demanding, the reason why I choose that topic because i want to explain about the power of demanding, we must agree that demanding is part of receiving the process, the reason why i say such thing because demanding is creating miracle of life, so demanding is not kind of bad habit as long as you don’t demand the market place or other people to treat you well firstgood demand will be ending good if you demand about yourself, good demand will be ending into bad thing if you ask size of demand bigger from your capability, demanding of yourself is like creating the miracle of life, so don’t ask other people to create the miracle because not everyone has big capacity to welcome the challenge of miracle, if you are willingly to change the world, you need to change the point of view about adversity, recently i review why many people get poor because almost every day they try to demand other people to do better thing, in my opinion, only the insecure minded people can create the repeated error judgment in every day, if people have more resourcefulness rather than their own feeling of dissatisfaction, i am sure they will not judge other's mistake, instead they will start to create fortune through making the sense of critical minded and the sense of justice.

          Sometimes people don’t agree that act of self-demanding is good method because they are used to satisfy themselves with an instant thinking, so they will think copying the result from other people's skill is better than learning process, in my opinion that kind of mindset is causing the self-reputation destruction, no wonder many people haven’t got the big result in their career because they educate themselves by making a protest, remember this note; the problem is not coming from what they face, but the problem is appearing after they are not willingly to adapt with adversity and they prefer to live in the comfort zone, please take this antiquity words; "the great thing doesn’t come from outside, the great thing comes from within", means we will not get result unless we appreciate the learning process, please look at the chicken eggs when it will be hatched, it has 21 days during incubation process, if someone breaks the egg from outside before the incubation process ends, the egg’s future life is dead automatically, so everything great comes from the learning process although it takes time to make it come true.

          In my opinion, Act of demanding is part of making one's life progress and it's part of self-education, not making self-punishment, the reason why I say such thing because act of demanding is the kind of act to strengthen someone’s mentality power and help someone to discard the inessential thing from one's life story, remember this note; self-education is always demanding by oneself to do the right thing, not to do the easy thing, but if you compare between self-education and formal education, it has very different purpose, the formal education teaches how to listen and follow what teacher command to student, whereas self-education teaches how to survive, how to unlearn self-error, how to become troubleshooter, how to get up from failure and create self-esteem.