If you can’t find an opportunity, create your own

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to find an opportunity, the main reason why I choose that topic because many of us can’t create opportunity, here is the major cause why we can't create our own opportunity because we always do something that we always can do and we do something that most people can do, now at this moment I would share about several philosophy about what to do and what not to do if you want to make a new change tomorrow, here is the first step you need to obey if you want to create your own opportunity; “forget about the past memory, don’t trust your memory, divorce with yesterday's time and marry with tomorrow's time”, the main reason why you must apply it into your life journey because not all memories have a good experience, if you keep thinking about the past, you will get hurt by remembering the pain of regret, the pain of distress, the pain of rejection, the pain of disappointment and many other things, if you marry with tomorrow's time, you will get bigger challenge, bigger chance, bigger enthusiasm to create your own opportunity.

          To create opportunity, you don’t need to repeat your story in the past and share to other people who may not need it, but let the fact tell to them that you are making opportunity, and let other people will use their emotion to choose your opportunity, some of events in this life are variable and unpredictable, but if you are taking carefully about the activity what you pursue it, you will not get bored anymore because you accept the unconditional love from the life’s tough challenges, the second step you need to obey if you want to create your own opportunity; “don’t sell your product first, but sell your commitment to anyone who wants to know a lot about you”, the main reason why you need to consider it as important because in some cases, people want to get the way out of their problem, means other people will try to use your opportunity if you can solve their major problem, remember this; without attaching your commitment, you can't give your best service to other people.

          The third step you need to obey if you want to create opportunity; “don’t fake out of your product, do the right thing, not just do the easy thing”, the main reason why you need to consider it as important because people will label you as a bad reputation maker if you fake out of your product, so don’t let other people will misjudge about your failure, remember this note; the best product is not coming from your physical product’s value, but your power of commitment and your unconditional love are the one of the major factor which can become your best asset for everlasting, i hope this article will enrich your mind and you can create your own opportunity.

Being a candle to shine the darkness

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share how to make a different life by applying the philosophy of candle, the main reason why I choose that topic because most of us are easy to get distressed when we face with new problem and also we don’t know how to get up from the adversity, I hope this philosophy of candle can increase your self-potential and decrease your negativity, in my personal advice “don’t light the candle when you are in the gasoline barrel area because you will be burned and start to light the candle when you are in dark place” means you can’t change something that it can’t be repaired, if you insist to change it, you will get injured from the universe’s law, for example; you keep thinking about yesterday's story and you hope that you could home to yesterday's event and changed yesterday's mistake to be a better result, in fact, yesterday's event can't be repaired and can't be changed, so my personal advice is "don't trust your memory, be a new candle every day and let the light of your candle can shine the beloved people's darkness in life".

Don’t even try to exchange your happiness with your short term satisfaction, you will get distressed in the long term period if you linger for too long in your comfort zone, you need to learn about the law of winter season, it says “you can’t sow the good seed when the season is showing winter” means, you have missed many opportunities from the old days, so you can’t repair it by exchanging it with tomorrow' time, in my personal advice; you shouldn’t linger and stay for one year for chasing one skill, the main reason why you shouldn't do that because your time can't meet with the next year’s opportunity, remember this note; being a candle, means you must have strong integrity, self-motivated, self-esteem, self-protection and you always demand yourself to make self-improvement rather than being busy to fix other people, let your light of candle will be guidance for other people's life journey,

Darkness can be fought when you have the light of candle, so you must enrich your knowledge, defend your good habit, share your kindness to beloved people around you, just like what God gives you with a better present, remember this note; darkness can’t be fought by its darkness, only the light has permission from Almighty God (Allah) to shine the darkness area, you must burn your own spirit, be a good planner, be a good doer and make a good vision about what to do and what not to do for welcoming a better future. so don’t miss out the day by having no goal, just like someone is passing through the river by boat without having next destination, when you have a glorious journey, apply your good principle in your daily activity and be the light of candle which can shine all over the world wide's darkness.

Don’t grieve, anything you lose comes in another form

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share the topic "don't grieve", means we shouldn't make any expectation to get something that we don't deserve it, if we keep doing it, we will get disappointed about the end result, so create self-preparation is better than anything else, at this moment i will clarify about the main reason why I choose that topic, the first reason; many of us are starting to misunderstand about the end result because most of us think our expectation will come around with the hoping result, remember this note; we are not going to accept the same result from what we have done, but life will give the result to person who deserves it, the word “deserve” means, we are not going to receive the good thing unless we already transfer the good thing to others first.

          So at this point i want you to learn this philosophy, "when you lose something, don't grieve about it because there's worse thing will come to you if you keep it tightly" means not all the worst thing that we need to know, sometimes losing something is the sign that we will get a better reward in the next time, if we store the worse thing tightly, it will curse our lives, as impact, we feel weariness and we are unmotivated by doing activityall human effort are investment, it will be returned with astonishing result as long as we don't grieve about something lost.
Don't grieve, keep doing something which can enrich your knowledge

           Don't worry, all result you have done isn't perished as long you do for the right thing, it will be returned with astonishing result, don’t ever think that your intelligence and your habit can create everything become good because human's limitation can't reach the divine's limitless, our main job on earth is making our skill are worthy to be used for resolving an issue, and let it shine on, we don’t need to know where our skill will be shining on, let the universe will give you a respond with its version, now I understand why many people get stressed easily; because they expect a bigger reward and it will be returned to the human's desire version, in fact all human's desire will be converted with the divine's plan.

In my personal advice, don’t think your outcome is the best, if you think you have done everything is the best, your conscious mind will start to grieve and you will stop learning because you think you arrive at your final journey, so I will never this condition will happen if I were you, you would better to think that your outcome is part of your practice, when you keep thinking this philosophy, you will receive the bigger challenge and your life path is so magnificent because unwittingly you can defeat your laziness, your doubt and your ignorance, so keep practicing is the major key how to be unique guy, if other people say your outcome is the best, don’t accept it as honor, but you can say “I am still practicing and learning”, remember this note; the more you learn something, the more you see something that most people can’t see what you see, such as opportunity and idealet your subconscious mind will receive new learning process from new knowledge and also learn from your good habit, don’t set your curiosity to think about what universe does, we are not qualified to learn it because it's part of divine's authority.

We will never know what will happen with this universe, we are the main cause why the universe existed, so keep lighting your inner spirit and let your mind becoming as the sun body which can shine to other creatures, if you apply this mindset to your life, you won’t grieve anymore because you understand an act of grieve will give you more sadness, in my personal opinion, don’t miss the day without act of giving because all receiving process come from act of giving, every act of giving will be returned to you with multiple reward, greater reward, promotion and magnificent recognition, furthermore; if you don't want to grieve, you must do something that can teach you how to increase your emotional intelligence because act of grieve is the sign that you can't lose something that you don't deserve it again, remember this note; when you feel fear, anxious, grieve and doubt, it comes from your uninspiring goal, so please don’t set the goal too low because it causes you will feel unmotivated.

Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear

          Hi smart people, Howdy? Today I would like to share about how to conquer our fear from what we don't deserve, as we know that everybody has ever had the feeling of fear, but the problem is most people don't know how to turn the fear into self-motivation, that's why they get easily fear because they just focus on the fear and they reject the possibility of succeed, so having fear is not solution and also it’s abnormal, remember this note;  feeling of fear is having differently meant with act of beware, fear only persuades people to reject all new things whereas act of beware persuades people to make self-preparation such as make the worst plan when they can't fulfill what they plan, so having feeling of fear is not part of good attitude because it is part of lack of enthusiasm, so fearfulness can’t help you to minimize your problem, on other side, it increases the portion of your problem, here I would like to share how to do something if you want to get separated from fear, number 1; do something more valuable in order to increase your skill and do something that can increase your power of faith, only those people whose incomplete faith where they will taste a fear.

Number 2; don’t just play the game of people that you don’t know how to play, if you just push yourself to pursue something you don’t ever know about the game rule, as impact, your action will devalue your self-esteem and it will decrease your courage, here is my personal advice; beware of the game that you have played because not all games are designed to increase your skill, this life is not talking about how long you will enjoy on earth, but life is talking how much time you use to take responsibility during playing game on earth, the word “game” means kind of activity that everybody will take it, like a job, make sure everything you want isn't used to satisfy yourself, and also don’t just compare between the successful people’s story with your life experience, your mentality won’t grow.
create the sense of urgency to yourself, that make your life is growing up

The most important thing to succeed is use your huge enthusiasm to resolve an issue and take type of vocation you have practiced every single day, so don’t just follow the majority people’s problem, you won’t get a chance, here is the positive phrase; don’t just do something that majority people usually do in their daily activity, but try to do something that the majority people can’t do, the word “can’t do” means people have a huge fearfulness in their mind, so it will block the human's vision to develop, remember; your fortune is located to something that making you fear or worry, so if you don’t want to miss your fortune, keep doing to kind of profession that it can increase your emotional intelligence and don’t play the game of people that it causes your emotional drastically down because the human's emotional is designed as true power, not menace.

Don’t forget to recharge your minds every night

          Hi smart people, howdy? Today I would like to share about how to excel our mindset, the main reason why i choose that topic because many of us neglect the potential from the power of mindset, so i make this article because there's purpose that i want to suggest you to train your mindset immediately because the positive thing in this life is happening shortly, unexpected and it's running temporary, so we need to recharge our minds with positive thinking every day, remember; the more you use it, the stronger it gets, the less you use it, the weaker it gets, so there’s no permanent in this life, only the ignorant person will create the permanent condition because only the ignorant person loves to stay side by side with the darkness of life.

         I just remind you that the darkness is part of nature and the darkness always blockades the human’s vision for the future, so the darkness really hates about a new change or enlightenment, so the darkness will try to persuade human being to do something unnecessary or unimportant thing, so if you are willingly to learn about your life path, you need to recharge your minds every day, especially before you take sleep tonight, ensure you have enough a big reason why you are born on earth? don't let your life is dangled without meaningful in the eye of other people, you must create the value that can save the life from the crisis, do something that making your inborn skill is increasing. so this method i recommend it to you because it can enrich your subconscious mind to produce the new information how to detect problem, learn how to identify problem, learn how to solve problem, learn how to understand the other people's feeling and learn how to prevent same problem coming again.

If you don’t take good ritual regularly, the darkness will take your light, as impact, you learn nothing from what is meaningful thing from your own life story, besides that the darkness will take place on your life path and it will consider your existence in this life is no longer needed, don’t let the time will be wasted without having clear purpose, remember; we are living on earth from nothing existed, means; without having a big reason and not having any a big mission, we will never be existed, so make sure every night you must learn something that you have never learned before, such as read 1 page from the book or article, read 1 page from the holy scripture, meditate for 5 minutes, or do something that making your power of mind is being needed and get ready to serve you, our minds is like the cell phone, without energy, so the cell phone’s existence is futile, every day there is always new thing that we have never realized, don’t let the darkness will take your enthusiasm and leave you in the circle of hell.
body and mind must be united with your peaceful soul

Recharging the human’s mind should be done in the night, not in the midday, the main reason why I suggest you to recharge your mind in every night because every night will offer serenity condition, sometimes theta vibration can be produced before we are ready to sleep in the night, make sure we increase the power of curiosity and learn something before your night is gone, the good time to recharge the minds is today, not tomorrow, the reason why i recommend such thing because the miracle is only happen for one day in the unknown day, so don’t miss it, so the mind’s recharging time should be done at tonight,  don't wait for the right time because the right time is happening today only, not tomorrow, if you spend your time to wait the uncertainty moment, you will never meet with the miracle.

Change how you see and see how you change

Your skill investment increases you if you see how you change

          Hi smart people, Howdy? Today I would like to share about the topic “change how you see and see how you change” the meaning of statement is when we realize living on earth is temporary, we must train our mind to adapt with different condition and different situation, we can't let our mind are being dangled with fear and following something that we don't understand, if we keep following it, we failedbesides that we shouldn’t allow our thoughts to worry the future because act of worrying can absorb the feeling of enthusiasm, so we must monitor how much progress we have changed or improved our skill set from time to time, we can’t rely the money to change our mentality because money can’t adapt when the crisis is coming and the money's value is always decreasing, here is my daily note; when you make new mistake, change how you see differently from it, don’t judge mistake as everlasting failure but try to think about the possibility to succeed.

          I am really sure, if you keep pondering about the philosophy “change how you see and see how you change”, as impact, you will be living with big picture of hope and you will taste the big difference from your life journey, don't let problem comes because you are not ready yet, but blame yourself because your mind hasn't got trained with knowledge, in my opinion, don’t try to beat the reality or you will lose of your glorious vision, when the reality says "you are not ready to welcome opportunity", please try to think how you see about your progress, remember; we can't blame progress because it represents our skill capacity level, don’t just make living in this life without carrying the bag, the word "carrying bag" means carrying with the valuable knowledge, so we can't change our life journey if we stop making progress because every progress can measure how much value we have learned from time to time, the more we make progress at scope area, the more we attract the fortune and wealthy mindset. 
it's time to change our capacity with evolution

          Here is my daily note; if you want to know how far you can make evolution in your life, you can refer to your last masterpiece whether it can inspire or not to other people, if other people are not feeling good about your masterpiece, means you don't make evolution, i review some people in society, they don't want to learn something because they always feel enough about their job salary and they try to become a seer who tell about future to other people, that's bad habitif you want to be a better person, don’t just do the same subject as you usually do, it’s part of regression and wasting your time, please do something you have never tried before and ponder it for a while, maybe that's your big chance to advance your luck.

Don’t play hard to obtain, but play hard to forget

          Hi smart people, howdy? Today I would like to discuss about the topic “don’t play hard to obtain but play hard to forget”, the meaning of that statement is we should not remember the pain from hardworking and the pain of discipline in this life, we only need to take out our power of focus on every problem that we are going to finish, we shouldn’t to remember all the thing we have ever encountered because not all the things are worth to be remembered, sometimes not all memories in the past are good because some of them contain a bad experience and some of them contain a good experience, remember this note; sometimes forgetfulness is the sign of genius, the reason why I say such thing because forgetfulness lets the power of focus will work at maximum levelby using the power of focus, we can dedicate ourselves to serve other people with our masterpiece, here is the clue if you want to make a dynamic life, use this statement "play hard to forget", means after we put self-discipline, hard working, dedication, commitment and determination into time investment, we entrust the end result to the divine's timing.
Forget the past if  you want to move forward to the higher place
          In the daily life, we need to make a record on the journal while we want to make a bigger focus because our focus capacity is very limited in usage, we can’t remember all the thing we have done, sometimes we need to trust time to remember all the thing we have done, let time will become our investment account, one day in the unknown day, time will pay our hard working with big reward we have never imagined before, If there are people who try to remember all struggling result along their way in the past, don't take serious with them because unwittingly they can’t create a bigger focus, instead they destroy the momentum in the future, if you want to make a peace with this life, you only need the journal in order to take note what you need to know onlyhere is my personal advice; our power of focus can produce a vibration around 11 million bit per second, so we must ensure that we put the power of focus to the one destination and not using the power of focus to remember all the thing in the past because our focus capacity is very limited.
Forget mistake and create the new momentum for the future

          So, please use this philosophy "don't play hard to obtain but play hard to forget", means, after you work harder on the job you have got, let your major skill will work with the time for your own behalf and let the time will grow up your skill investment, here is my personal note; you can't succeed at something if you play hard to obtain it, the main reason why i say such thing because not all plans will create the happiness in the future, working hard doesn't determine the end result in the future's time because future zone is too complex to be remembered, you just need to enjoy your journey and believe with Almighty god's planbesides that, human are not entitled to interfere with divine's timing because divine's timing is too complicated and irrational, let Almighty God makes a best decision for your efforts, remember this note; working hard doesn’t mean to forget something useful but we let go all the efforts in the past after we finished that job, the reason why this purpose is being made because act of forgetting can create a bigger focus.

Conquering the enemy within

          Hi smart people, Howdy? Today I would like to share how to conquer within ourselves, as we know that everyone has darkness within their soul and nobody can escape from the darkness because it's part of natural law, besides that, the darkness can transform its body by becoming the negative character such indifferent, greedy, arrogant, doubt and fear, so don't be afraid about it because the nature also provides the antidote to fight the darkness, it's called the light, the nature has the light and the dark, they are living side by side, their existence are like the risk and opportunity, the risk is represented as the darkness and opportunity is represented as the light, the first step what we need to do to conquer the enemy within our soul is learning about the risk and opportunity, that's requirement how to learn the darkness's weak points, risk is coming from something we don't know and opportunity is coming from the enlightenment processhere is for your note; every opportunity follows risk, means every difficulties will be followed with solution, once you focus to find solution, you conquer the risk as instantlyso if there are people who don’t want to learn about risk, they will never obtain the opportunity from the unexpected way.
The darkness always provides the sign of dead end
              Taking risk is the new beginning process how to make better life, if we don’t take serious how to make better life, the evil whom stays within ourselves is going to conquer our enthusiasm, that’s terrible news, remember; the darkness always makes a trap to attract the human's satisfaction to behave badly, as impact, human will glorify the worldly stuff as top priority in this life and the darkness will make human's satisfaction is like a debt, so unwittingly human will pay the worldly stuff with money until they dieto avoid the negative side effect, we need to make ambition in order to educate the darkness power and make it follows our command because the darkness offers the eternity in foolishthe second lesson what we can do to conquer the enemy within our soul is shining ourselves with the spiritual enlightenment or listening the inspirational story from the successful people or rich hermit.
The darkness can create the beast if we don't train our mind with positive thinking

 The third lesson what we can do to conquer the enemy within is keeping improving our skills and enhance our mindset with good knowledge, we must educate our major skill to do something, unless the evil will take the opportunity to decline our major skill, here is the important note for your life guidance; the darkness has two guidance system for human being, one side is containing a positive impact and another side is containing a negative impact, here is the positive impact about darkness, it’s going to increase your concentration level and enhance your power of focus, and here is the negative impact about darkness, it’s going to block your vision about your future and you will be treated like the prisoner of your mind, remember; the real enemy is ourselves, not the enemy outside, the darkness will make you how to become the ignorant person, as impact, you can’t differentiate between yesterday, tomorrow and future’s moment.

Enemy within ourselves is our shadows, it always follows our movement

Starting from now, don’t fight your own darkness within your soul because it’s part of natural life, but do soul-searching such doing meditation, do exercise, listening the self-development program, learning your religion, etc. only positive activity can tame the darkness, if you meet with group of people who love about the war, don’t make sparring with them because their soul are being controlled by their own darkness, don’t be jealous with people who have powerful weapon but you should be jealous with people who have found serenity and wisdom within themselves.

Why people get lonely?

           Hi smart people, howdy? Today I would like to share about the topic why people get lonely, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people pretend to be happily although they actually need a love, in common truth, lonely people usually lack of power of care, lonely people still can't find the meaningful moment about the advantage of how to build the human's relationship, the big reason why the lonely people can't make friend with newcomer because the lonely people are not interested with type of people who can't create the commensurate vision with the lonely people's vision.

        Now I will elucidate about the big cause why lonely people don't want to associate with crowded of people; the first cause why people prefer to get lonely because very few people can understand about what the lonely people feel, in my opinion, the power of understanding is the key how to approach the lonely people, act of understanding means we don't serve what other people need but we will give the best option for what other people need, make sure other people's existence are being cared, the lonely people usually need kind of people who can become a good listener and lonely people are looking for the kind of person who can fulfill the lonely people's emotional emptiness.

 the second cause why people prefer to get lonely because they think most people can’t be trustworthy, as impact, the lonely people have trust issue, so the trust issue is the major problem which can influence the way of the lonely people thinking, that's major reason why the lonely people prefer to be alone rather than associate with the crowded of people, The third cause why people get lonely because they once became the victim of harassment in the public place, as impact they block their social relationship with newcomers and the lonely people prefer to spend their leisure time to enjoy their hobby, the fourth cause why people get lonely because they think the lonely people are smarter than the crowded of people, as impact, the lonely people feel as self-righteous person with own decision.

Remember; not all lonely people are having wrong decision, they behave such weird because the lonely people feel unloved, uncured, unmotivated, as impact they lost their way of life, if you have one of your family member which is showing the sign of unhappiness or the sign of immature, please don't neglect their existence and try to make a chat with them, invest your time to stick together with them and you must ensure they will feel loved, feel cared and feel motivated with your service, for the most important thing is don't let the loneliness people's habit is being broken with your good habit, i hope this article will help you to make a good relationship with loneliness people.

What the world needs the most?

          Hi smart people, Howdy? Today I would like to share about how to discuss about the topic "what the world need the most", before we get the answer from the world’s need, we need to know about the major skill we can provide for the world at the first step, if we don't get the information about the purpose of our major skill, we are unable to measure how long our major skill can survive,  remember this note; the world will not demand human being to do something better because the world system is dead, only human can change the world’s system, everybody can change the system if they can change their perspective towards the world, the reason why i say such thing because the human’s creation is more lively than the world’s system.

             In modern age, some people are serious to make a plan for new life journey, on the other hand, the world needs the unprecedented experience, as impact, many people try to compete with other people in order to get the recognition and promotion from the world, my question, do you assume “recognition and promotion” are the basic request from this world? or is there another factor how to make the world needs us?, the major key how to know it, please use your major skill to resolve the human's daily problem, if you can't, learn about the most urged thing from the human's daily need.
Implant the good seed for providing the best future

Starting from today, every human must compete with new technology because technology is developed by human’s superior intelligence, if human can’t compete each other, human’s potential will be perished by the advanced world system, as impact, human will create the war because they are getting the inequality of opportunity and losing the identity crisisin my personal insight; human must beware about what they are doing or what they are pursuing because unwittingly human’s intelligence will create the continuously destruction if human are losing self-control, here is the negative impact; human will make the dangerous action such as doing the illegal logging, fishing with the bomb and dropping litter to the sea, etc.

I remind you again, The world will not demand people to make new change as long as people can create a peace, the world system always be the same like the annually changing season for 6000 yearly recorded (spring, summer, autumn, and winter), if people don't want to make a better life, they will live like the season, but if people want to make a better life, they are not allowed to follow the world's system, human must have a plan how to make self-improvement in order to avoid the economy’s distress in the future, so before economy's crisis is coming, people must learn how to adapt and how to leave the comfort zone because the life crisis always attack the people who stay in the comfort zone.

How to choose “ignorance and confidence”

          Hi smart people, howdy? Today I would like to share about how to use the act of ignorance and act of confidence as the new learning process, some people consider an act of confidence is part of blissful and some people consider an act of confidence is ignore the unimportant thing, now the question is "where are you side on recently?" if you don't want to know about new information, this kind of act of ignorance is not good option because it's describing that you lack of consciousness of self-potential, here is my explanation; "act of ignorance”, this kind of attitude will shut down the dangerous potential if someone has realized that there's something weird with the arrangement, on the other hand, the act of ignorance is going to shut down someone's intelligence level if he rejects to learn about the new reference, for the most important thing in this life is don't let the ignorance will become your new habit and don't let it grabs your major time, your mentality won't grow, if you want to ignore something, make sure you pay attention about the tiny detail from someone who is providing the information and knowing about his major capability.

make decision whether you want to use ignorance or confidence during you face a problem

          The simple way how to get blissful is ignoring the untrustworthy information which is coming from the distrusted reference and try to get new lesson from the unprecedented experience, now i explain about the benefit of “act of confidence”, this kind of attitude shows there's someone who pays attention to tiny details because he has an attractive major skill and there’s the recognition from what he has done, now i give you a question, if you have been offered with new opportunity, what will you do? Do you take it with your confidence level or you will use your ignorance? Here is the biggest failure why people can’t make better career in the rest of their life history; the first case; people don’t use the power of consciousness when they meet with unprecedented experience, the second case; they just follow the market trend without looking backward to their major skill.

          In my personal opinion, don’t take an act of ignorance as the priority response because we don’t know whether there’s God’s plan or not in the future, so be prepared yourself to welcome new information which may guides you to increase your fortune through the act of learning process, here is the clue how to create a greater focus; use an act of ignorance to forget about the yesterday’s self-experience and use an act of confidence to welcome tomorrow, the main reason why you keep doing such thing because yesterday always becomes a history, no matter how good your skill at the past time, you can’t linger by relying your yesterday’s ability because time will decline your yesterday's ability, you need to keep practice as if you are facing tomorrow's final competition 
Ignorance is not blissful, it's kind of stupidity

          Now when we can use an act of confidence? We can use this act when we believe the power of service is part of investment, demand ourselves to keep practicing is good option how to build the personal brands to the marketplace, keep practicing is an exit strategy how to build self-esteem and increase the confidence level, we can't get self-esteem without attaching any recognition from other people who value our major skill, in addition, act of ignorance is not kind of blissful if you make it as your habit, here is my daily note; act of confidence will happen automatically when you are fulfilling your major skill with the practicing schedule, an act of confidence must be used properly and it is being used to overcome other people’s problem.        

Great power comes great responsibility

          Hi smart people, Howdy? Today I would like to share how to increase our power through new responsibility, as we know that every human being has a respective responsibility, responsibility is given to the human being because Almighty God's had given a privilege since human was born on earth, here are the example of the human's privilege; the authorization how to use time, idea, imagination, emotion, ingenuity, vitality, faith, creation and creativity, but the problem is “why most people are still living poor?” because they don’t want to take greater responsibility and they misuse their power to satisfy themselves.

        Remember this note; great power will follow the type of human who take great responsibility and small responsibility will invite the small power, it’s fair enough, if there’s someone still makes a complaint about the end result, feel anxious about new challenge, feel afraid about adverse and feel not satisfied about progress, the conclusion; he has not maximized their potential and they don't take new responsibility, here is for my daily note; time will decline the human's potential if they just stop maximizing it, in my personal advice, don’t be afraid by taking new responsibility, the main reason why I recommend such thing because every new responsibility will renew someone’s new life journey and new responsibility will help human being to eliminate the inessential thing from daily problem.

Remember; we are living side by side with the universe law, we shouldn’t reject the universe law's existence because it can teach human how to become wise and how to become the valuable person, the more often you use your power, the more you feel not lonely because you are busy to give your best skill to other people who may need yours, the more you take new responsibility, the stronger your mentality will be, the more you pain yourself by today's adversity, the stronger you are at tomorrow, it's law, if you keep doing that ritual continuously, as impact you can welfare your family, relatives, overcome problem from all people who really need your help, one more thing; great power is coming from a good philosophy, if you inculcate yourself with sense of responsibility and good philosophy, you will not get lonely, anxious, depression or sadness because you have the guidance system within your thought, good philosophy is coming from the Almighty God's wisdom, His messenger and also coming from the universe's law such as the law of polarity, law of attraction, the law of cause and effect, the law of vibration, etc.

Here is the consequence if we increase the sense of responsibility; we feel urged to create masterpiece although there is nobody will push ourselves to do something, the more you demand yourself to do something, the more you realize how importance you are around people who don't know about youhere is my daily note; once you have sense of urgency, the more power will approach you, after the more power comes to you, you will prepare your best effort to make the daily target because you realize how importance the power of time, i just remind you that beware about something you pursue because time will make you suffer if you don't get careful, you must prepare the knowledge first before you pursue something you don't understand, when you have enough knowledge, you are responsible about it.