Being a candle to shine the darkness

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share how to make a different life by applying the philosophy of candle, the main reason why I choose that topic because most of us are easy to get distressed when we face with new problem and also we don’t know how to get up from the adversity, I hope this philosophy of candle can increase your self-potential and decrease your negativity, in my personal advice “don’t light the candle when you are in the gasoline barrel area because you will be burned and start to light the candle when you are in dark place” means you can’t change something that it can’t be repaired, if you insist to change it, you will get injured from the universe’s law, for example; you keep thinking about yesterday's story and you hope that you could home to yesterday's event and changed yesterday's mistake to be a better result, in fact, yesterday's event can't be repaired and can't be changed, so my personal advice is "don't trust your memory, be a new candle every day and let the light of your candle can shine the beloved people's darkness in life".

Don’t even try to exchange your happiness with your short term satisfaction, you will get distressed in the long term period if you linger for too long in your comfort zone, you need to learn about the law of winter season, it says “you can’t sow the good seed when the season is showing winter” means, you have missed many opportunities from the old days, so you can’t repair it by exchanging it with tomorrow' time, in my personal advice; you shouldn’t linger and stay for one year for chasing one skill, the main reason why you shouldn't do that because your time can't meet with the next year’s opportunity, remember this note; being a candle, means you must have strong integrity, self-motivated, self-esteem, self-protection and you always demand yourself to make self-improvement rather than being busy to fix other people, let your light of candle will be guidance for other people's life journey,

Darkness can be fought when you have the light of candle, so you must enrich your knowledge, defend your good habit, share your kindness to beloved people around you, just like what God gives you with a better present, remember this note; darkness can’t be fought by its darkness, only the light has permission from Almighty God (Allah) to shine the darkness area, you must burn your own spirit, be a good planner, be a good doer and make a good vision about what to do and what not to do for welcoming a better future. so don’t miss out the day by having no goal, just like someone is passing through the river by boat without having next destination, when you have a glorious journey, apply your good principle in your daily activity and be the light of candle which can shine all over the world wide's darkness.