Change how you see and see how you change

Your skill investment increases you if you see how you change

          Hi smart people, Howdy? Today I would like to share about the topic “change how you see and see how you change” the meaning of statement is when we realize living on earth is temporary, we must train our mind to adapt with different condition and different situation, we can't let our mind are being dangled with fear and following something that we don't understand, if we keep following it, we failedbesides that we shouldn’t allow our thoughts to worry the future because act of worrying can absorb the feeling of enthusiasm, so we must monitor how much progress we have changed or improved our skill set from time to time, we can’t rely the money to change our mentality because money can’t adapt when the crisis is coming and the money's value is always decreasing, here is my daily note; when you make new mistake, change how you see differently from it, don’t judge mistake as everlasting failure but try to think about the possibility to succeed.

          I am really sure, if you keep pondering about the philosophy “change how you see and see how you change”, as impact, you will be living with big picture of hope and you will taste the big difference from your life journey, don't let problem comes because you are not ready yet, but blame yourself because your mind hasn't got trained with knowledge, in my opinion, don’t try to beat the reality or you will lose of your glorious vision, when the reality says "you are not ready to welcome opportunity", please try to think how you see about your progress, remember; we can't blame progress because it represents our skill capacity level, don’t just make living in this life without carrying the bag, the word "carrying bag" means carrying with the valuable knowledge, so we can't change our life journey if we stop making progress because every progress can measure how much value we have learned from time to time, the more we make progress at scope area, the more we attract the fortune and wealthy mindset. 
it's time to change our capacity with evolution

          Here is my daily note; if you want to know how far you can make evolution in your life, you can refer to your last masterpiece whether it can inspire or not to other people, if other people are not feeling good about your masterpiece, means you don't make evolution, i review some people in society, they don't want to learn something because they always feel enough about their job salary and they try to become a seer who tell about future to other people, that's bad habitif you want to be a better person, don’t just do the same subject as you usually do, it’s part of regression and wasting your time, please do something you have never tried before and ponder it for a while, maybe that's your big chance to advance your luck.