Conquering the enemy within

          Hi smart people, Howdy? Today I would like to share how to conquer within ourselves, as we know that everyone has darkness within their soul and nobody can escape from the darkness because it's part of natural law, besides that, the darkness can transform its body by becoming the negative character such indifferent, greedy, arrogant, doubt and fear, so don't be afraid about it because the nature also provides the antidote to fight the darkness, it's called the light, the nature has the light and the dark, they are living side by side, their existence are like the risk and opportunity, the risk is represented as the darkness and opportunity is represented as the light, the first step what we need to do to conquer the enemy within our soul is learning about the risk and opportunity, that's requirement how to learn the darkness's weak points, risk is coming from something we don't know and opportunity is coming from the enlightenment processhere is for your note; every opportunity follows risk, means every difficulties will be followed with solution, once you focus to find solution, you conquer the risk as instantlyso if there are people who don’t want to learn about risk, they will never obtain the opportunity from the unexpected way.
The darkness always provides the sign of dead end
              Taking risk is the new beginning process how to make better life, if we don’t take serious how to make better life, the evil whom stays within ourselves is going to conquer our enthusiasm, that’s terrible news, remember; the darkness always makes a trap to attract the human's satisfaction to behave badly, as impact, human will glorify the worldly stuff as top priority in this life and the darkness will make human's satisfaction is like a debt, so unwittingly human will pay the worldly stuff with money until they dieto avoid the negative side effect, we need to make ambition in order to educate the darkness power and make it follows our command because the darkness offers the eternity in foolishthe second lesson what we can do to conquer the enemy within our soul is shining ourselves with the spiritual enlightenment or listening the inspirational story from the successful people or rich hermit.
The darkness can create the beast if we don't train our mind with positive thinking

 The third lesson what we can do to conquer the enemy within is keeping improving our skills and enhance our mindset with good knowledge, we must educate our major skill to do something, unless the evil will take the opportunity to decline our major skill, here is the important note for your life guidance; the darkness has two guidance system for human being, one side is containing a positive impact and another side is containing a negative impact, here is the positive impact about darkness, it’s going to increase your concentration level and enhance your power of focus, and here is the negative impact about darkness, it’s going to block your vision about your future and you will be treated like the prisoner of your mind, remember; the real enemy is ourselves, not the enemy outside, the darkness will make you how to become the ignorant person, as impact, you can’t differentiate between yesterday, tomorrow and future’s moment.

Enemy within ourselves is our shadows, it always follows our movement

Starting from now, don’t fight your own darkness within your soul because it’s part of natural life, but do soul-searching such doing meditation, do exercise, listening the self-development program, learning your religion, etc. only positive activity can tame the darkness, if you meet with group of people who love about the war, don’t make sparring with them because their soul are being controlled by their own darkness, don’t be jealous with people who have powerful weapon but you should be jealous with people who have found serenity and wisdom within themselves.