Do more of what makes you happy

          Hi smart people, howdy? Today I would like to share about how to create the efficiency in life by doing something in order to increase your happiness level without complaining, the reason why I choose that topic because many people around me just doing something in order to get payment, not trying to build the future, remember this note; satisfaction and happiness are staying in the different purpose, satisfaction can't increase happiness level because satisfaction is reluctant to grow and happiness has potential to build future and deserve new chance because happiness welcomes new chance, if someone can't differentiate between happiness and satisfaction, there is always causing the conflict within his own mind and someone will suffer, here is for your note; conflict is happening not just only caused by the brutal regime, but conflict is happening because people want to magnify their selfishness, furthermore they don’t want to accept new change and they are not willingly to adapt with new circumstance.

If you want to get happiness from a bond of human relationship, you must find people who can see you as valuable person or find people who can appreciate your hard workinghere is my personal advice; don't spend your free time to find happiness, but let happiness finds you because you will never be able to find it, if you focus to your major interest and you keep learning new thing in this life, your action will invite true happiness, remember this note; the key how to create true happiness is you use your major time to excel at your major skill without being interrupted with other people's time, if someone don't know how to prioritize between his major time and his minor time, he unwittingly educates himself how to become the indecisive person because he failed to clarify his own personal value in his own time.

          The main reason why people can’t find the meaning of happiness within themselves because they use major time to do minor thing, meaning, people only focus how to satisfy themselves without caring other people who really need a help, recently the number of majority people who get suffer are plenty rather than people who succeed to create their happiness, the main cause why people get suffer easily because they lack of self-education and they are not willingly to adapt and accept with new circumstance, remember this  note; happiness level can increase when someone succeeds to maximize his major skill to overcome other peoples problem, the reason why I say such thing because the happiness level equals with human’s skill of problem troubleshooting, if there is someone says to you “happiness can be collected when you can earn a lot of money and can buy the expensive stuff”, it’s nonsense, money is just tool where it can be used to buy the worldly stuff, money is not part of major resources to create happiness, but human's inborn skill can create more happiness, so i can conclude happiness lies in the state of mind, not in the money.

          Don’t try to resist the natural rule because happiness is part of natural system, you can’t exchange your greatest happiness with good stuff or something expensive, only satisfaction can be exchanged with good stuff, remember; there is nobody in the world can buy human's happiness because happiness is kind of blessing, if you can’t feel God’s blessing, you are burying yourself in the darkness's world and you are living in the circle of Hell, here is my personal advice; you can't increase your happiness without helping someone else to succeed, it's natural law, so nobody in the world can create happiness by living alone without involving other people's power.


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