Don’t forget to recharge your minds every night

          Hi smart people, howdy? Today I would like to share about how to excel our mindset, the main reason why i choose that topic because many of us neglect the potential from the power of mindset, so i make this article because there's purpose that i want to suggest you to train your mindset immediately because the positive thing in this life is happening shortly, unexpected and it's running temporary, so we need to recharge our minds with positive thinking every day, remember; the more you use it, the stronger it gets, the less you use it, the weaker it gets, so there’s no permanent in this life, only the ignorant person will create the permanent condition because only the ignorant person loves to stay side by side with the darkness of life.

         I just remind you that the darkness is part of nature and the darkness always blockades the human’s vision for the future, so the darkness really hates about a new change or enlightenment, so the darkness will try to persuade human being to do something unnecessary or unimportant thing, so if you are willingly to learn about your life path, you need to recharge your minds every day, especially before you take sleep tonight, ensure you have enough a big reason why you are born on earth? don't let your life is dangled without meaningful in the eye of other people, you must create the value that can save the life from the crisis, do something that making your inborn skill is increasing. so this method i recommend it to you because it can enrich your subconscious mind to produce the new information how to detect problem, learn how to identify problem, learn how to solve problem, learn how to understand the other people's feeling and learn how to prevent same problem coming again.

If you don’t take good ritual regularly, the darkness will take your light, as impact, you learn nothing from what is meaningful thing from your own life story, besides that the darkness will take place on your life path and it will consider your existence in this life is no longer needed, don’t let the time will be wasted without having clear purpose, remember; we are living on earth from nothing existed, means; without having a big reason and not having any a big mission, we will never be existed, so make sure every night you must learn something that you have never learned before, such as read 1 page from the book or article, read 1 page from the holy scripture, meditate for 5 minutes, or do something that making your power of mind is being needed and get ready to serve you, our minds is like the cell phone, without energy, so the cell phone’s existence is futile, every day there is always new thing that we have never realized, don’t let the darkness will take your enthusiasm and leave you in the circle of hell.
body and mind must be united with your peaceful soul

Recharging the human’s mind should be done in the night, not in the midday, the main reason why I suggest you to recharge your mind in every night because every night will offer serenity condition, sometimes theta vibration can be produced before we are ready to sleep in the night, make sure we increase the power of curiosity and learn something before your night is gone, the good time to recharge the minds is today, not tomorrow, the reason why i recommend such thing because the miracle is only happen for one day in the unknown day, so don’t miss it, so the mind’s recharging time should be done at tonight,  don't wait for the right time because the right time is happening today only, not tomorrow, if you spend your time to wait the uncertainty moment, you will never meet with the miracle.