Don’t play hard to obtain, but play hard to forget

          Hi smart people, howdy? Today I would like to discuss about the topic “don’t play hard to obtain but play hard to forget”, the meaning of that statement is we should not remember the pain from hardworking and the pain of discipline in this life, we only need to take out our power of focus on every problem that we are going to finish, we shouldn’t to remember all the thing we have ever encountered because not all the things are worth to be remembered, sometimes not all memories in the past are good because some of them contain a bad experience and some of them contain a good experience, remember this note; sometimes forgetfulness is the sign of genius, the reason why I say such thing because forgetfulness lets the power of focus will work at maximum levelby using the power of focus, we can dedicate ourselves to serve other people with our masterpiece, here is the clue if you want to make a dynamic life, use this statement "play hard to forget", means after we put self-discipline, hard working, dedication, commitment and determination into time investment, we entrust the end result to the divine's timing.
Forget the past if  you want to move forward to the higher place
          In the daily life, we need to make a record on the journal while we want to make a bigger focus because our focus capacity is very limited in usage, we can’t remember all the thing we have done, sometimes we need to trust time to remember all the thing we have done, let time will become our investment account, one day in the unknown day, time will pay our hard working with big reward we have never imagined before, If there are people who try to remember all struggling result along their way in the past, don't take serious with them because unwittingly they can’t create a bigger focus, instead they destroy the momentum in the future, if you want to make a peace with this life, you only need the journal in order to take note what you need to know onlyhere is my personal advice; our power of focus can produce a vibration around 11 million bit per second, so we must ensure that we put the power of focus to the one destination and not using the power of focus to remember all the thing in the past because our focus capacity is very limited.
Forget mistake and create the new momentum for the future

          So, please use this philosophy "don't play hard to obtain but play hard to forget", means, after you work harder on the job you have got, let your major skill will work with the time for your own behalf and let the time will grow up your skill investment, here is my personal note; you can't succeed at something if you play hard to obtain it, the main reason why i say such thing because not all plans will create the happiness in the future, working hard doesn't determine the end result in the future's time because future zone is too complex to be remembered, you just need to enjoy your journey and believe with Almighty god's planbesides that, human are not entitled to interfere with divine's timing because divine's timing is too complicated and irrational, let Almighty God makes a best decision for your efforts, remember this note; working hard doesn’t mean to forget something useful but we let go all the efforts in the past after we finished that job, the reason why this purpose is being made because act of forgetting can create a bigger focus.