Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear

          Hi smart people, Howdy? Today I would like to share about how to conquer our fear from what we don't deserve, as we know that everybody has ever had the feeling of fear, but the problem is most people don't know how to turn the fear into self-motivation, that's why they get easily fear because they just focus on the fear and they reject the possibility of succeed, so having fear is not solution and also it’s abnormal, remember this note;  feeling of fear is having differently meant with act of beware, fear only persuades people to reject all new things whereas act of beware persuades people to make self-preparation such as make the worst plan when they can't fulfill what they plan, so having feeling of fear is not part of good attitude because it is part of lack of enthusiasm, so fearfulness can’t help you to minimize your problem, on other side, it increases the portion of your problem, here I would like to share how to do something if you want to get separated from fear, number 1; do something more valuable in order to increase your skill and do something that can increase your power of faith, only those people whose incomplete faith where they will taste a fear.

Number 2; don’t just play the game of people that you don’t know how to play, if you just push yourself to pursue something you don’t ever know about the game rule, as impact, your action will devalue your self-esteem and it will decrease your courage, here is my personal advice; beware of the game that you have played because not all games are designed to increase your skill, this life is not talking about how long you will enjoy on earth, but life is talking how much time you use to take responsibility during playing game on earth, the word “game” means kind of activity that everybody will take it, like a job, make sure everything you want isn't used to satisfy yourself, and also don’t just compare between the successful people’s story with your life experience, your mentality won’t grow.
create the sense of urgency to yourself, that make your life is growing up

The most important thing to succeed is use your huge enthusiasm to resolve an issue and take type of vocation you have practiced every single day, so don’t just follow the majority people’s problem, you won’t get a chance, here is the positive phrase; don’t just do something that majority people usually do in their daily activity, but try to do something that the majority people can’t do, the word “can’t do” means people have a huge fearfulness in their mind, so it will block the human's vision to develop, remember; your fortune is located to something that making you fear or worry, so if you don’t want to miss your fortune, keep doing to kind of profession that it can increase your emotional intelligence and don’t play the game of people that it causes your emotional drastically down because the human's emotional is designed as true power, not menace.