Find out who you are and do it on purpose

          Hi smart people, howdy? Today I would like to share how to find about self-identity and how to work for the clear purpose, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people don’t increase their power of focus because they have many purposes, the big factor why people can't identify about themselves because they put their focus to many purposes, no wonder why they can't finish something about what they started earlier because their mindset are contaminated with many purposes, big result and fake promisingbesides that, they consider working for future doesn’t have further meaning rather than working for earning money, it's called mentality disorder because they curse earlier about their future's time, I understand money is part of resource to pay something what we need, but remember this; money is not part of the major key to find on who you are because money is just tool where it is only be used to facilitate the human’s necessity on earth for short term satisfaction such as buying food, beverage, house, car, monthly bill, paying credit card, etc. the reason why you need to work for future because money can't buy your good experience, money can't buy your discipline, money can't buy your commitment, can't buy your dedication, furthermore money can't buy your future.

          The only way how to find out about who you are, you must work for future by using your power of curiosity and behave as if you weren't important, not staying focus how to get much money you will earn, you don't need to know about what the future plan, future will give the right plan for you when you are ready to welcome it, if you don’t have enthusiasm to build for the future, your self-worth can’t help you to overcome problem because you don't have enough resources to fix it, in my personal advice, I don’t prohibit you to earn money as much as you can, but don’t ever follow the money’s habit because money’s habit is designed to devalue your resourcefulness, you must use your time to practice and develop your major skill in order to welcome better future, if you purpose to do something for money only, you are building the recession habit because future doesn't like your concept of idea, but if you purpose to do something different for your future, you are building integrity, remember this note; if you want to have something you have never had, you need to do something you have never tried before, that's i call the future's plan.

The main reason why many people can’t find out about their source of happiness because they follow and apply the money’s habit in daily activity, remember; when someone follows the money’s habit, he is building the regression habit such as procrastinate, doubt, indecisive, anxious, stubborn, etc. I would like to let you know that the money’s habit is really bad because it can make you blind to see about the truthfulness, besides that the money’s habit can’t give good lesson for your self-development, if there is someone can't differentiate between the right purpose or the wrong purpose, i conclude that he applies the money's habit in his own mindset, now in understand why many people in the world are trapped in poor thinking because they unwittingly follow the money’s habit, such as they spend their major money first for self-satisfaction before they have been paid with their company, in my opinion; before money influences your mind with money's habit, you must protect your mindset by working on yourself without getting paid such as get exercise every day, donating your blood to others every 3 month, being rescuer committee for nature disaster, etcif you cultivate your mind with the inspired activity story, I am certain you can get more money and the money's habit will leave you.

The basic rule how to find out about who you are is asking yourself with the critical question and define your philosophy such as “if I am living within 24 hours, what kind of distribution I can give to this world”, “what would I do for the next step if I were failing every day”?, “what kind of deed I can implant for my afterlife before I meet with Almighty God (Allah)?”, one more thing; if you want to do something for your purpose of life, make sure you don’t just do the easy thing because easy thing can't educate your mentality to grow, but you must ensure you do the right thing for bringing great impact for others although it seems needs perseverance, needs patience and full of adversity.