Great power comes great responsibility

          Hi smart people, Howdy? Today I would like to share how to increase our power through new responsibility, as we know that every human being has a respective responsibility, responsibility is given to the human being because Almighty God's had given a privilege since human was born on earth, here are the example of the human's privilege; the authorization how to use time, idea, imagination, emotion, ingenuity, vitality, faith, creation and creativity, but the problem is “why most people are still living poor?” because they don’t want to take greater responsibility and they misuse their power to satisfy themselves.

        Remember this note; great power will follow the type of human who take great responsibility and small responsibility will invite the small power, it’s fair enough, if there’s someone still makes a complaint about the end result, feel anxious about new challenge, feel afraid about adverse and feel not satisfied about progress, the conclusion; he has not maximized their potential and they don't take new responsibility, here is for my daily note; time will decline the human's potential if they just stop maximizing it, in my personal advice, don’t be afraid by taking new responsibility, the main reason why I recommend such thing because every new responsibility will renew someone’s new life journey and new responsibility will help human being to eliminate the inessential thing from daily problem.

Remember; we are living side by side with the universe law, we shouldn’t reject the universe law's existence because it can teach human how to become wise and how to become the valuable person, the more often you use your power, the more you feel not lonely because you are busy to give your best skill to other people who may need yours, the more you take new responsibility, the stronger your mentality will be, the more you pain yourself by today's adversity, the stronger you are at tomorrow, it's law, if you keep doing that ritual continuously, as impact you can welfare your family, relatives, overcome problem from all people who really need your help, one more thing; great power is coming from a good philosophy, if you inculcate yourself with sense of responsibility and good philosophy, you will not get lonely, anxious, depression or sadness because you have the guidance system within your thought, good philosophy is coming from the Almighty God's wisdom, His messenger and also coming from the universe's law such as the law of polarity, law of attraction, the law of cause and effect, the law of vibration, etc.

Here is the consequence if we increase the sense of responsibility; we feel urged to create masterpiece although there is nobody will push ourselves to do something, the more you demand yourself to do something, the more you realize how importance you are around people who don't know about youhere is my daily note; once you have sense of urgency, the more power will approach you, after the more power comes to you, you will prepare your best effort to make the daily target because you realize how importance the power of time, i just remind you that beware about something you pursue because time will make you suffer if you don't get careful, you must prepare the knowledge first before you pursue something you don't understand, when you have enough knowledge, you are responsible about it.