Happiness calls the price tag

          Hi smart people, howdy? Today I would like to share about how to build the happiness and how to bring in the price tag, the main reason why I choose that topic because not everyone can build their own happiness, instead they pursue something they don't really need so much, now here is the critical question "why not everyone can build their own happiness?" because they don't study how to create the purpose of life, remember; happiness can't be created automatically unless people intend to make their lives is meaningful, the word "the meaningful" = the reason which causes the event why human's existence are being awaited and being needed, as i review in the reality, the first cause why many people can't get their happiness because they build a minor skill and they use a minor skill for the long term purpose, the second cause why people can’t get happier because they always look for the price in order to substitute their feeling of lonelinessin fact, happiness is the major resources how to design the life path, remember; happiness can’t be bought by the price tag or the good stuff because happiness comes from the Almighty God's grace, the price tag will follow the happiness level which case it can increase the human's inborn skill.

Every happiness requires reason, mission, skill and passion, whether you like it or not with the life system, the happiness can’t be built by other people’s decision, if there are some people who claim the happiness comes from the price tag, in my personal opinion, I don’t object about what they say, but they forget the price tag will kill people's inborn ability if they don't increase the learning process, the reason why the price tag can follow the happiness because every human's happiness will sharpen the human's major skill, so one day someone will be paid higher by his major skills and his time value's period, so don’t easily underestimate the power of happiness because it can increase prosperity, healthy, ingenuity, vitality, spirituality and human’s social intelligence, once the happiness level is growing up, it will come with the higher price tag because the power of happiness turns the human’s skill into the attractive magnet which can draw the unexpected reward.
Time value equals with money

Starting from now, don’t magnify your satisfaction level such as looking for the big pleasure by holding party every week or spoil yourself by buying something that you don’t really need to buy, if you keep doing that, you will devalue your happiness level, as impact you will be left by the price tag, so you would better to design your happiness by becoming the attractive person who is bringing a good value to many people, if you can maximize your major skill, so your major skill will be used by Almighty God to inspire other people who may have insurmountable problem in their life, remember this note; the true happiness is not being used to satisfy yourself, but true happiness is being started when you are busy to inspire other people with your major skill.