How to build a great enthusiasm

         Hi smart people, howdy? today I would like to share about how to build a great enthusiasm for life, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people are losing their great enthusiasm because they are following something that they don't really need, the major cause why people behave such thing because they consider future's time is not more important, so everything they have did in the past, it doesn't reflect good thing to the future's time, here is my daily note; living on earth can't be forever because there's always time, and time says "when there is something being started, it definitely will be ended", by that means, all circumstances on earth are running temporarily, we can't stay playful for long period because future's time is very serious, if we don't prepare good resources today, we will regret when the future is coming.

            Don't ever think to live longer on earth as the good option to obsess about your lifestyle because living on earth is not used to find self-satisfactionyou need to create a critical decision in the limited time if you want to find your major character, here is the next step you need to do; you train your mind how to build the integrity character if you want to build enthusiasm, remember; integrity is irreplaceable thing, without integrity character, you always lose the valuable thing, besides that, you need to curious about something you don't ever known before you were born on earth, such as learning about the law of universe, learning about the nature disaster, learning about poverty, learning about rich, learning about suffer, learning how to build happiness, learning about new place, learning about sick people, learning about hunger, learning about happiness, learning about sadness, learning about history, etc, the more you get wise, the easier you can build the great enthusiasm for the future.

             Remember; the most important thing in life is not how long we live on earth, but how we can find the purpose of life with the limited time, if we don't know about the meaning of life, the long life will treat us with bad influence and we will be punished with feeling of depression, suffering and desperate, now i give you the main reason why the comfort zone can't create feeling of enthusiasm because the comfort zone has never taught us how to learn about the risk and opportunity, so here is my personal note; don't linger too long in the comfort zone because the comfort zone doesn't give us a guarantee in the long term period, whereas feeling enthusiasm is used to make self-preparation for welcoming life's tough challenge.
learn from children's curiosity and having enthusiasm like the children

The biggest challenge in life is you are working hard for yourself rather than you are working for money, means if you don’t challenge yourself by facing the new risk and opportunity in this life, as impact, you will face the darkness of life, the word "the darkness of life" means ignorance, you will be fooled by your own satisfaction if you prolong it in the long term period, the key how to avoid the darkness of life is keeping cultivating your major character with integrity, enthusiasm and patience. don't forget to learn how to make creation every day without compromising, the main reason why you need cultivate your mind with new creation because every creation you make will alter your life journey to the God's wisdom.