How to choose “ignorance and confidence”

          Hi smart people, howdy? Today I would like to share about how to use the act of ignorance and act of confidence as the new learning process, some people consider an act of confidence is part of blissful and some people consider an act of confidence is ignore the unimportant thing, now the question is "where are you side on recently?" if you don't want to know about new information, this kind of act of ignorance is not good option because it's describing that you lack of consciousness of self-potential, here is my explanation; "act of ignorance”, this kind of attitude will shut down the dangerous potential if someone has realized that there's something weird with the arrangement, on the other hand, the act of ignorance is going to shut down someone's intelligence level if he rejects to learn about the new reference, for the most important thing in this life is don't let the ignorance will become your new habit and don't let it grabs your major time, your mentality won't grow, if you want to ignore something, make sure you pay attention about the tiny detail from someone who is providing the information and knowing about his major capability.

make decision whether you want to use ignorance or confidence during you face a problem

          The simple way how to get blissful is ignoring the untrustworthy information which is coming from the distrusted reference and try to get new lesson from the unprecedented experience, now i explain about the benefit of “act of confidence”, this kind of attitude shows there's someone who pays attention to tiny details because he has an attractive major skill and there’s the recognition from what he has done, now i give you a question, if you have been offered with new opportunity, what will you do? Do you take it with your confidence level or you will use your ignorance? Here is the biggest failure why people can’t make better career in the rest of their life history; the first case; people don’t use the power of consciousness when they meet with unprecedented experience, the second case; they just follow the market trend without looking backward to their major skill.

          In my personal opinion, don’t take an act of ignorance as the priority response because we don’t know whether there’s God’s plan or not in the future, so be prepared yourself to welcome new information which may guides you to increase your fortune through the act of learning process, here is the clue how to create a greater focus; use an act of ignorance to forget about the yesterday’s self-experience and use an act of confidence to welcome tomorrow, the main reason why you keep doing such thing because yesterday always becomes a history, no matter how good your skill at the past time, you can’t linger by relying your yesterday’s ability because time will decline your yesterday's ability, you need to keep practice as if you are facing tomorrow's final competition 
Ignorance is not blissful, it's kind of stupidity

          Now when we can use an act of confidence? We can use this act when we believe the power of service is part of investment, demand ourselves to keep practicing is good option how to build the personal brands to the marketplace, keep practicing is an exit strategy how to build self-esteem and increase the confidence level, we can't get self-esteem without attaching any recognition from other people who value our major skill, in addition, act of ignorance is not kind of blissful if you make it as your habit, here is my daily note; act of confidence will happen automatically when you are fulfilling your major skill with the practicing schedule, an act of confidence must be used properly and it is being used to overcome other people’s problem.