Less vision can make you blind

          Hi smart people, Howdy? Today I would like to share about how to learn about the human’s vision, the reason why I choose that topic because many people neglect about the power of vision and they still don't know how to maximize the power of vision because they consider their job now is more important rather than their power of vision, here i would like to let you know that the human's vision is used to guide every human how to choose the way of life and how to keep walking on the right track, the word "the right track" means serenity of soul and happinessmany people are losing their power of vision in the rest of their life because they don't have any enthusiasm to welcome the future, instead they spend their time to force their limitation to work for their satisfaction.

          Remember this note; don't pursue your satisfaction but build true happiness because satisfaction is measureless, irrecoverable and invincible, the reason why you need to build happiness because feeling of happiness doesn't allow you to suffer, furthermore happiness can be controlled by the human's limitation and the power of happiness can help you to make self-preparation in any skill and also happiness will provide prospering when the right time from the future comes,  if humans have no vision about the future, i worry they start to suffer because of their satisfaction has killed their opportunity to evolve, remember this note; satisfaction doesn't allow someone to evolve his skill because satisfaction educates someone to work for their short term satisfaction until he no longer being needed because their comfort zone is over, my personal advice; whether we like it or not with natural system, we must create self-preparation for the future because we don't know what will happen about the future whether it will bring a good news or a bad news, so we need to evolve our skill with our restricted time or we will be perished and suffered in lifetime.
Future is the most important thing rather than everything on earth

            The human's vision is not born automatically, it needs practicing consistently, remember this note ; the human’s eyes are used to see something about the physical existence but the human's vision can be used to see the fortune and opportunity, the main cause why humans are not having visions within their mind because they lack of enthusiasm about future and they have unsolved internal problem such as being greedy, being liar, having unspecified fear, having grudge, being stubborn, being indecisive, being opinionated, lack of confident, being extravagant, etc,  i just want to remind you that the feeling of satisfaction has educated you how to grow the internal problem above mentioned.

          Please don’t rely other people’s ability to fix your internal problem because not everyone is designed by Almighty God to solve other people's internal problem, so you have to ponder something deeply and ask to yourself “what can I do in my major time and what i can do to fix my vision?” if you are feeling good about what you do in your major time, you must keep doing persistently, but if you feel anxious or worry during your major time, means there is something wrong about your philosophy, now I tell you about the three big reason why people can’t see opportunity, the first reason is people prefer to be living in the comfort zone, the second reason is people can't differentiate between risk and opportunity, the third reason is they are not having self-preparation for future.

Remember this note; when there is someone who is not having enthusiasm about future, as impact someone always sees the negativity although there is new hope, in my opinion, only the enthusiast has potential to see the possibility of success from their life journey because they don’t see everything around him is failure, here is the additional note; if people maximize their power of vision, they always see progress even though the time for success is not coming yet, please don’t ever underestimate about the power of vision because it has ability to help you avoiding the dangerous thing and maximize your self-potential, the power of vision can’t be found at anywhere place, it can be built by igniting the feeling of enthusiasm, vast knowledge and curiosity.