Never forget who you are

          Hi smart people, howdy? Today I would like to share about how to dig up information about who we are, the main reason why i choose that topic because many people give up and get stressed easily when they meet with adversity, disappointment, unfairly condition or insurmountable problem, I just want to remind that “no matter how tough your life will be, always remember you are granted at the first time you were born with the blessing, we can’t make good thing from this universe when we forget about the main purpose why we were born on earth, so clarifying the purpose of life is very important rather than earning money because life can't return to our time whereas money can return at anytime, so we must use the time wisely before we will pass away because there is nobody in the world can give any kind of guarantee except our respective faith, the main reason why faith must be cultivated with the truthfulness because faith is connected with God's power and faith unable being fed with any kind of food unless with the truthfulness and God's wisdom.

          Remember this note; the right faith will not drive you to the evil's purpose or it's connected with self-sacrificing, the right faith will produce with the right mindset and the right mindset will guide you to do something different, so when you are feeling good, it is caused by the good experience you have reached and you don't break the natural's rule, here is the natural rule's statement "you don't need to know what i am doing, it doesn't matter you can't hear what i am saying and it doesn't matter you can't see what i am doing, as long as you keep commitment and persistent to keep the balance of my life, i always do for you and i don't cost you with the evil world". means the universe and human are living side by side, we can't deny with the reality, as long as we are willingly to learn about the universe's law, we will not being hurt with our decision because the universe guides you how to feel God's wisdom, now there's question "why many people commit self-suicidal and many people get stressed and overcautious in this world?" because they are not committed with the natural law, they break the natural law and they reject to accept the natural law, so there is only one act we can do if we want to protect us from the evil is "always remember who we are", (Allah) Almighty God's says "if you do the good deeds, you provide the good thing for yourself and if you do the evil, you provide the evil for yourself". by all means; if you feel worry, feel afraid, prefer to blame, prefer to protest, prefer to feel self-righteous, feel satisfied by hurting other people' lives, feel giving up easily, and so on, unmistakably you provide the evil for yourself.

        Always remember that we are born for creating the life architecture for ourselves, so what we think about something great, it's aligned with our greater visualization,  so starting from now, we must beware about what we did and what we learned from the past experience because all result are being aligned to predict what we will become in the future, remember this note; there is no bad career in the world, what we did in the past can determine what we will deserve in the future, so don’t stress when you get something bad because all running temporary on earth, when you don’t deserve good thing, it caused by your unprecedented act and you forget every great thing needs progress, plan, time and process, building life is like the building the mansion, we can’t build it within one day by alone, so we need some supports such as asking the architecture designer to create the house’s design, we need some workers, we need the material substance to make the foundations work.

          I don’t blame you when you have great dream, ambition or daily target in the future, but don’t forget that the universe and human’s life have the respective time, there is nobody can fight with the time machine because time is designed to calculate something exist from beginning process to the ending process, we can’t make a hope to live longer or live forever on earth because this life is not designed to make us living longer, but life is designed to make us deserved about what we do, all we need to do on earth is seeking the truth and beware of what we become, here are the simple rules; we must beware about something what we have started because all your efforts determine whether there is progress or regression, we must beware about what we think because they will become our words, we must beware what we speak because they will become our character, we must beware about what we act because they will become our habit, we must beware about our habit because they will become our life journey.

On more thing; we mustn’t forget about what we consumed because it’s determining our longevity health, including what we learn, what we eat, what we drink, what we wear, what we prefer, what we reject, what we give, what we spend, etc. All of our act and decisions will determine the purpose of our life whether it will create the meaningful story or not, "don't forget about who you are and never forget about who you are", the major key how to discover about who you are is don't trust to your past memory and be a good student who is interested to find God's wisdom.