Success is not built by success

         Hi smart people, howdy? Today I would like to share how to build mentality of success, the main reason why I choose that topic because most people think success is concerned with money and some people think success is coming from the happiness news, in the fact success is coming from the unstoppable journey from the human’s DNA, by all means, success can’t happen at one time, success can't be represented by relying other people’s decision because success comes from the individual’s life path, success is like the wave's working, it must keep moving consistently until it touches the receiver signal, remember this note; we will not receive the successful story when we don’t have enough reason why we start at the beginning journey, success is depending on what we intend to, if we do with evil purpose, we will succeed to obtain the bad thing, if we do with good purpose, we will succeed to obtain the good thing, here is for your note; success is not always ending with the good certainty because success is not kind of the natural law and the universe doesn't guarantee success, we must agree that the failure is the kind the certainty law, the failure is like the gravitational law, so we need to fight the gravitational law like the Apollo spacecraft's principle if we want to keep flying in the sky, we can't make the successful story unless we have applied discipline, strong commitment, focus, keep moving up, keep struggling until the failure can't reach our unstoppable act.

We must realize that greatest success needs a different target, just like the Apollo spacecraft's principle which it can break the highest atmosphere level until the spacecraft can fly safely to the outer atmosphere zone, so success can't happen until we can make big change with regularity simple act in every day, success can’t happen by relying one day story, success needs bigger focus to avoid any intruders who may destruct the progress, no one else can push you except you keep pushing by yourself, sometimes we need to build the law of polarity, by it means, we need to find another direction from the future in order to pull our biggest focus in present time, so this purpose is needed to make our focus stronger, more accurate and more applicable to our target, when our focus is keeping going forward, we will leave the comfort zone story and we will get out from the surprising crisis of disappointment from future, the reason why so many people can’t make the successful story because they don’t want to leave the comfort zone, in fact, the comfort zone is not  part of the guarantee system, means the comfort zone is dangerous zone because it will kill the human's potential, now I understand why many people think they don’t obtain the successful story because they only pursue the self-satisfaction in the comfort zone, in my opinion, please don't consider the successful story as the last journey because we will not know when our time is ended, we would better to think about the big factor which can develop our inborn skill, here are the major key of failure ; stop trying, stop hoping, stop learning and stop evolving.

So we shouldn’t need to ask when time of success will come, the more you ask about "when," the more you lose the enthusiasm and you will be disappointed about the result, the major key of success is applying the law of universe, the main reason why we need to follow the law of universe because the universe is assigned by Almighty God to teach human being how to build life architecture, so our duty in this world is not demanding about when we will get reward from this life, but our duty is how to make a good contribution to other people from our major skill, we can’t make a better life without enjoying what we can do every day, don't just do what other people can do but you must do what other people can't do, success can’t happen by relying one day story, success needs continuously practice, that's all.

Remember; success needs a footprint for our future's legacy, make sure our footprints will not be erased with the time, when we practice our major skill,  we create the eternal footprint before we die, so there is no one can predict when time of success will come, remember; the successful people don't ask when the time of success will come, but they ask when they can contribute for this life, by it means, we don't need to bother to ask when the time of success will come because success is unpredictable, all we need to do is making a change to our major skill every day and don't let your minor whispering voice can drown your progress.