The smallest step in the right direction ends to the biggest step

The smallest step determines the biggest step

          Hi smart people, howdy? Today I would like to share about the human’s psychology, that subject can guide people how to appreciate the small step before they are getting the biggest step, at this moment I choose the topic “the smallest step will lead to the biggest step”, means every miracle of life can’t be demanded unless you demand yourself to take the smallest step every day, such as making practice in the daily activity is good option how to design your lives, now the first key how to make biggest step for your future is making good philosophy, the reason why I suggest such thing because good philosophy will conduct you how to make priority from your major time, good philosophy helps you to maximize self-potential, good philosophy helps you how to avoid the dangerous thing from society's lifestyle, the second key how to make biggest step is applying discipline, the reason why i suggest you to apply discipline in your daily activity because it's requirement to increase your fortune.

Remember; discipline is like the bridge which can connect between your hope and reality, so discipline is the smallest step how to lead human’s destiny to right track of the life journey, the third key how to make biggest step is building good rapport with others, the reason why I say such thing because there is nobody can success without involving other people’s power, but before you build good rapport, don’t let other people know a lot about your weaknesses because not everyone is wise to keep secretso telling about your weaknesses to other people who don't have closer relationship with you is the part of big problem because it has potential to destroy your biggest opportunity in the future, please don’t ever try it or you will become a prisoner of other people’s judgment.

          The fourth key how to make biggest step is making note of every progress you make, breaking your last record of progress and celebrate when you achieve your goal ,the reason why you need to apply that fourth key because it's part of making better improvement, so celebrate every achievement is the sign of maturity because not everyone is willingly to celebrate every progression, some people only pursue feeling of satisfaction, as impact, they waste their time to build self-satisfaction, not building future, the main reason why there are many people get poor because they keep pursuing self-satisfaction and they lack of enthusiasm of building the future.

The fifth key how to make biggest step is learning how to inspire a lot and be a messenger for saving people’s lives, the reason why you need to do the fifth key because it's part of God's plan for you, every  inspiration creates the enlightenment, so every enlightenment you make can attract new fortune and all good deeds will become the future's investment, now we are talking about how to make smallest step, all you need to do for smallest step is set your priority in your life, make sure you create opportunity, then you improve what you can do from your biggest interest, then you must finish about what you started, create the sense of urgency to accelerate your efforts, here is the last advice; the more you build a welfare to many people, the more you deserve the reward.