Train your mind to control where your feeling wants to go

Train our mind first with good philosophy and observe about the truth

              Hi smart people, howdy? Today I would like to share how to train our mind to control our emotional feeling, as you know that in modern era, there are many people are losing their self-control, losing self-worth, losing their dignity because they let their emotional feeling going anywhere without purpose, so at this moment I would share how to train our mind from the darkness of emotion feeling, the main reason why our lives is so miserable and bleak because we always follow where our feeling is going and we always believe about instinct's foundation work, besides that we prefer to choose the easier job and we don't like to take new responsibility and new riskthat's reason why we failed at some turning point of our lives journey because we don't recognize about our clear decisions where it comes from our feeling or our thoughts.

       Remember this note; the human's emotional feeling always goes without purpose, that's the natural law, so if we don't train our feeling to follow what we really want, we will get suffer automatically, some people think doing something easier is good because there is no risk within this, unmistakably, that's decision will destroy their future, the reason why human's future destroys by itself because people reject the natural law, the law says "whoever can survive, it is caused by someone will take the risk and opportunity", I just to remind you that our mind is like stomach, our mind needs some foods to think or idea whereas our stomach needs food and beverage to do something physically, here is for your note; human thought's food are philosophy, knowledge, truth and dream, if we don't feed our mind with those, we will get suffer and unwittingly we always follow where our emotion is going because there is no clear direction to guide our emotions and the clearest direction is usually produced by our mindset, if there's something wrong happen upon our lives because we always rely on instinct to work for us, here is note for you; instinct and emotional feeling are like GPS's working, it's designed to give information only, we can't blame them if they give you the wrong direction because they are not asking you to believe it.
Our body gets pain because we don't train our mind to get information how to get health
             Now I understand why people are easily get deceived in daily life because they are too believing about their instinct's working and they don't clarify whether the information can be trustworthy or not, the first thing we must do if we don't want to get tricked by the dishonest people is don't believe with our emotional feeling when we face the problem because human's emotion is designed like GPS's foundation work, its only giving information, our priority job is clarifying whether the information is correct or wrong, we need some evidences, such as data, history, communication, etc. remember; if we always believe about instinct, our mentality won’t grow because we don't do something greater than instinct, remember this note; our thoughts don't give single response when we use instinct to make decision, here are the signs that growth mindset; you keep having a positive attitude while you are facing the insurmountable situation, you start to think negative when the instinct is commanding you to make destruction of something, you can detect when the feeling of negativity is entering into your emotion, etc. here is my personal advice; you must be alert at anytime because there's nobody can behave positive all the time.

          The human’s emotional intelligence are started to work at maximum level when people feel there’s something wrong with the external issue such as the human’s relationship issue, economy crisis, politic issue, rumor or meet with insurmountable problem, from that example, we can take conclusion, if people don’t train their emotional intelligence with the right mindset, their emotion will absorb the darkness of life such as following GPS's working,  in my personal advice; before you will meet with the insurmountable problem, you must train your paradigm how to adapt with your environment whether it's serving good thing or bad thing, you can learn from the fish’s philosophy, "they keep persistent to swim even though their position in the dirty water", from the fish’s philosophy, it teaches us to keep moving and adapting from one position to another position although we often see new problem.
Train mind is like pulling out the inessential thing from brain memory

Remember; this life has no meaningful if you follow where your feeling is going, creating the dream for this life is very important because it can track where your life journey is going, such as practice your major skill to invent something, if you have a clear purpose and you find matched vocation with your inborn abilityi am certain you will not get bored while you are doing it because you find source of happiness for your soul, if you just work without having a specific purpose, you will be easy to absorb the darkness of life because you let your ignorance will crush your life path.