When you have nothing that you need to give

          Hi smart people, Howdy? Today I would like to share about the power of giving, the reason why I choose that topic because many people consider an act of giving has the same meaning with wasting money, but at this moment I would explain my different point of view about the power of giving, the first rule you need to know, namely “an act of giving is part of receiving process”, the reason why I say such thing because it refers to the universe system, as you know before the all living thing are being created by Almighty God, He created the time machine at the first plan and  He gave his powers to the universe including human beingthe power of giving is the biggest reason why human are still alive in this universe, besides that, the universe also being demanded by Almighty God to give their powers to human being such as water, wind, soil, forest, stone, fire, fish, sunlight, etc, an act of giving is the biggest factor how to unlock universe and human's potentialthe power of giving can be started by reading book, practice your ability, sharing what you know to your family, take care the sick people, inspire other people how to make better place, so act of giving can attract the best gift from Almighty God, here is important; if you don't activate your power of giving to others, you will never have chance to get blessing from (Allah) Almighty God.

the key how to survive is activating the power of giving, you can’t deny this natural system, the same thing with having money, if you lack of money, so you need to give your energy to work, observe and maintenance your focus to finish your job until you can receive money from your working place, i will remind you to use your power wisely, if you give the bad thing to other people, you receive the bad thing from what you have done, but if you do good deeds, you receive good deeds as wellif you can’t control your resourcefulness, you will never be enough to receive more resources from Almighty God (Allah), remember this note; you can’t take more resources as long as you don't commit to improve your standard, such as knowledge, wisdom, collect a good experience, collect the right mindset and right attitude, the major key how to get new resources from this universe by preparing your good resources and give what you have to another creatures such as cultivating the plants, animals, humans and environment, this purpose is being used to attract Almighty God's power of giving, we call it as the law of sowing and reaping, here is the additional note; the great body muscle is like your inborn skill, you can’t participate the great muscles competition before you make it good shape, you need to give your time, money and energy by training your skill, mindset, commitment, consistency and discipline until they become useful resources.

 If you want to collect the unlimited wealth from Almighty God (Allah), you need to dedicate your major skill and give it to the other people because that is the big factor can increase your resources, the more you use it then the more power you can get it, the more you give then the more you receive, so you need to pay your attention to the new resources from your surrounding area because the energy will not flow out unless you keep using it, please activate your sense of urgency if you want to make new revolution, the more you postpone, the less enthusiasm you get, so when you lost big challenge, lost opportunity, lost serenity, lost significant, lost love, lost respect, lost good reputation, etc. means you prioritize to magnify your self-satisfaction, if you keep doing that, as impact, you will create the sense of evil.

Remember; the great thing comes from power of giving, not receiving because act of giving has more chance to create momentum, please look at the swings, it can't be moved going forward higher without it's being moved backward firstif you want to improve your life story, you need to make self-introspection in order to create new revolution, if you don’t make self-introspection, your life story go backward and you always get disappointed by the result, here is for the additional note; lack of momentum causes lack of self-introspection and lack of momentum also will shorten your happiness level, don't let it happen due to your space of heart will invite the darkness of life.