Why people get lonely?

           Hi smart people, howdy? Today I would like to share about the topic why people get lonely, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people pretend to be happily although they actually need a love, in common truth, lonely people usually lack of power of care, lonely people still can't find the meaningful moment about the advantage of how to build the human's relationship, the big reason why the lonely people can't make friend with newcomer because the lonely people are not interested with type of people who can't create the commensurate vision with the lonely people's vision.

        Now I will elucidate about the big cause why lonely people don't want to associate with crowded of people; the first cause why people prefer to get lonely because very few people can understand about what the lonely people feel, in my opinion, the power of understanding is the key how to approach the lonely people, act of understanding means we don't serve what other people need but we will give the best option for what other people need, make sure other people's existence are being cared, the lonely people usually need kind of people who can become a good listener and lonely people are looking for the kind of person who can fulfill the lonely people's emotional emptiness.

 the second cause why people prefer to get lonely because they think most people can’t be trustworthy, as impact, the lonely people have trust issue, so the trust issue is the major problem which can influence the way of the lonely people thinking, that's major reason why the lonely people prefer to be alone rather than associate with the crowded of people, The third cause why people get lonely because they once became the victim of harassment in the public place, as impact they block their social relationship with newcomers and the lonely people prefer to spend their leisure time to enjoy their hobby, the fourth cause why people get lonely because they think the lonely people are smarter than the crowded of people, as impact, the lonely people feel as self-righteous person with own decision.

Remember; not all lonely people are having wrong decision, they behave such weird because the lonely people feel unloved, uncured, unmotivated, as impact they lost their way of life, if you have one of your family member which is showing the sign of unhappiness or the sign of immature, please don't neglect their existence and try to make a chat with them, invest your time to stick together with them and you must ensure they will feel loved, feel cared and feel motivated with your service, for the most important thing is don't let the loneliness people's habit is being broken with your good habit, i hope this article will help you to make a good relationship with loneliness people.