Work until you no longer need to introduce yourself

          Hi smart people, Howdy?  Today I would like to share about the optimistic and  how to use your time more wisely, the reason I choose that topic because many people always spend their time to work without considering their healthy at the first priority, I know keeping healthy takes time to be shaped, but if you spend your time to work without considering your long term health, your health will protest and you will be punished by your health to pay the sickness with your money, so if you want to work at your favorite place, you must plan your majority time to work until you no longer need to work very hard in that place, when you work 9AM-5PM at working place, you need to invest your time to work for your dream at 9PM - 10PM such as practicing with your biggest interest such as hobby, or make an invention or masterpiece, when your dream is coming true and your dream can pay you with some money to fulfill your daily needs, so you use your major time to work for your dream, after that you would better to leave your job at the company, remember; when you work for your dream, you will not suffer because your dream can build the biggest self-worth and build happiness, but when you prefer to work for earning money, you lose self-worth, you lose opportunity, you lose a growth mindset, you lose the great enthusiasm, you lose the significant of great intelligence, you lose of the survival ability, etc.

         Don’t just spend your time to work until you no longer needed, it’s too late because you can't buy the lost time and you can't return to the young age, but you must learn how to make the future plan by asking “what am i going to do for tomorrow, besides go to work?”, if you change yourself after the circumstance will tell you to change, it’s called degradation process, remember; time can’t be waited, if you just wait for the right time in order to help you solving the problem, you always lose the time no matter how hard you defend it, you must do something good until you forget to wait for the right time, so you must learn how to train your mind and create something you have never tried it before and let the inspiration inspires you, then let habit will give you an extra energy how to make your money work, don’t just work when other people will do the same like what you do, if you apply the same standard like what other people to do, you are not going to dig your luck.

          You must provide a better future for other people first when they are not engaging to work for you, you must keep working for your dream until other people will lend their luck to you, that's I called the mutual relationship in working style, if you work when other people will do the same like what you do, as impact, you will work till you die, its called frustration, don’t just work only because you have limited time, you must to delegate your work to other people when you have other dream target, remember; don’t underestimate the power of delegation because every human’s energy will unlock the unlimited wealth for you, when you work harder two times for other people, the Almighty God (Allah) will ask His best servants to work five times until ten times for you, don’t be bored when you do the right thing for other people, you will not get disappointed if you help other people to overcome their problem, you are never wasting time for helping other people’s problem because your life journey will be rewarded with the Almighty God's wealth.

          I don’t prohibit you to work harder when you work at the company because you may need to welfare your family member at the top priority, but working hard is not enough to welfare our beloved people because we have limited time, we need to employ the power of time to multiply our resourcefulness level, time can recover our suffering when we prepare our skill to other people who may need our helps, don’t think like the robotic machine and say “I will work till i die, it’s totally wrong mindset” we must use the power of time more efficient to defend our masterpiece from the intruders on earth and let our masterpiece will be continued by our next generation because one day we can’t see our masterpiece anymore because our time is up, if you want to get more luck and get unlimited wealth, use the God's wisdom.