Don’t expect to get what you give, not everyone has a heart like you

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? today I would like to share about how to control about your expectation, the main reason why I choose that topic I have observed many people get trapped with expectation because they think expectation will answer their doubt, in fact; every expectation is life test which it is used to measure how serious people to pursue what they really want, if you can realize your expectation will come true, you will not lose your self-control or enthusiasm because your expectation is going to approach your time, I don't prohibit you to make expectation, but when you expect from human being, it's totally wrong principle, you must give your expectation to yourself as a gift because only you can change your life design, not other people, so you must demand yourself to pursue your expectation no matter what it takes, I just remind to anyone who reads this article, if we don’t know how to control our pleasure, we will not pass the expectation examination because most expectation is used to test our patience ability whether it will  fail or pass.

            Remember that not all expectation are suitable for our capacity because one side of expectation has a good place to give us a chance to learn from challenge, another side is creating our darkness, what’s meaning of it, when we can achieve our expectation, we will learn how tough our struggle to surpass it, but when we can’t achieve our expectation, we will get mental disorder because there is the expectation pressure within, here is the lesson to avoid the negative side from our expectationyou must beware about your expectation because most expectations are not part of happiness because they dwell into the fantasy world, just like the TV's entertainment program, please be realistic thinker, here is the lesson for your note; if the reality supports your expectation, you can go all in, but if your expectations can't be loyal to you, so you must train your mind how to accept disrespect from your expectation, here is my daily note that I used to motivate me when I am in troubleif you want to attract the powerful expectation, you must become a powerful person who has enough self-esteem and good reputation, that law of justice, but if reality doesn't support your expectation, you can let go of something where it doesn't deserve to you, you just need to focus on the possibility of succeed, not execute at the final decision.

If you can’t control your emotion for your expectation, definitely you can’t control your eagerness, that's law, it’s dangerous if you keep pushing yourself to expect something good from someone or something which can't give you a reward, so before you want to transform your expectation to the reality, you must learn how to handle the mental pressure because majority of pleasure in this world are deceiver, the reason why I say such thing because many people had die easily because they pursue their pleasure until they lost their faith, remember this note; when you can’t withstand with your sense of pleasure, automatically you can’t withstand the unfairly treatment from other people's treatment, don’t let the pleasure deceives you by giving short term reward and the pleasure will make you suffer after you lose your self-control, you must train your mind about act of giving, the ancestor says "the more you give the more you get, the more you learn, the more you earn, the more you are curious at something, the more you see two thing; namely big risk and big opportunity, when you can’t handle big risk, you will receive the dangerous treatment as consequence, but when can handle big risk, you will get big opportunity as well as big reward, that’s life rule.

When you can learn and apply about the life rule, you always beware about the reward, pleasure, risk or dangerous which may come to you at any time, you must be ready at any time, sometimes Almighty God gives you sense of pleasure to test your patience whether it can control your pleasure or you will be destructed with your own pleasure, now I understand why so many people are not allowed to be rich by God because they don’t train their mind how to behave patience when they have poor mindset, here is my last note; the power of patience is very powerful tool in this universe because it can take care our heart from the side effect of darkness from expectation and also the patience can offer us opportunity to relearn something new when we get a negative feedback from our pleasure.

Life is too short to wait

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to understand this life, the main reason why I choose that topic because most people use the major time to wait bigger reward from their jobs and they consider an act of waiting is part of patience, it's totally different and it's having different purpose because patience is not the ability to wait something but patience is the ability to change from revolution to evolution without losing enthusiasm, whereas waiting is the part of prioritizing something bigger than our top priority, so at this moment I would share about how to make our lives is going to get better before we get the injustice treatment from life, the most important in this life is not how long we can live on earth and make the perfect plan but how much efficiency we can create to leave eternal legacy in restricted time.

           The first thing we should ponder about the basic rule for this life; time can’t be waited, time can’t be prolonged, time can’t be reproduced, time can’t be exchanged with 24 hours in another days, time can’t be changed with the worldly stuff, time can’t be delayed and time can’t be compromised, if you understand about the time value, I am sure you won’t spend your time to wait for the perfection of new model on earth, here is the second thing we should ponder about the basic rule for this life; there is no future when you waste your today’s time to repeat what you know or you just repeat what you can do, especially in your daily work, the reason why I say such thing because future’s time is designed to give the reward to people who deserve it after spending their major time to hard working and doing something differently at each day.
waiting activity is making you lack of willingness to change from revolution to evolution

Now I share to you about several risk you will receive if you spend your time to wait, here is the first risk if you spend your time to wait for the right time, you will lose your desire power because its power has been gnawed by the time, here is the second risk if you spend your time to wait; you will not get a new chance to grow your inborn skill because time will gnaw away your inborn skills growth process as much as time you spend your time to wait, here is the third risk if you spend your time to wait; you unwittingly create the procrastination habit, it reminds me about the life rule; the more you procrastinate towards something you can do, the weaker your potential value which it can be used to prolong your patience value, i hope you can start to ponder that message, here is my daily note; if you lose your patience value too often, everything you do will become your biggest nightmare, that’s the importance of patience value, here is the good news; you can use the power of patience to take the time interval between the miracle’s moment and the flash of inspiration.

If you really have passion, faith and willing to work hard at your scope area, you can have everything you want in this life as long as your main purpose is reasonable, the most beautiful thing in this life is when career and passion come together and the most greatest reward in human’s life is when human’s brain can evolve and it starts to imagine something that it doesn’t exist yet in this world, I call it as the insatiable curiosity power, when you have it, you can become God’s messenger who brings peaceful story on earth, hopefully you can get inspiration from this article, you can share it to your family, beloved people, etc.

How to rewire your brain

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share about how to rewire your brain, the main purpose why I choose that topic because most people tend to follow something that it offers pleasure but they don’t want to learn about the risk within pleasure and they don't want to undergo the learning process within pleasure, that’s main reason why they can’t rewire their own brain potential, some of pleasures are swindler and some of pleasures are not educating something benefit to us except the pleasure will treat us bad after it is going to leave us, today's main lesson; pleasure can't give us priceless lesson, instead it will leave dumb, here is my daily note; the brain potential can't grow without making daily practice, stay curiosity about new thing and embrace challenge, it looks unpleasant habit, but that's life's exam.
Cultivate your mind like what you sow a good seed in the ground

          At this moment I would share how to rewire your brain with simple method how to make living better, the first thing you need to do if you want to rewire your brain is being unique rather than being best, the meaning of that statement is “no matter how tough our efforts were in the past, we must prepare ourselves how to make new creation for welcoming tomorrow’s challenge because every single of tomorrow offers different challenge, so if we don’t make any preparation for tomorrow, we will lose self-worth automatically", remember this note; you are today not what you have done, but you are today what you have overcome, the meaning of it; our skill can become mature when we have overcome our personal issue by breaking our comfort zone and surpassing our fearfulness zone, if we can’t solve our personal problem, we will be pushed by this life to retake the old lesson until we have passed the exam, that's the essential of life journey.

Remember this note; not everyone's inborn skill becomes mature because they just overcome the low standardization of problem, and they are expecting more reward but doing less, the worst condition is they are so proud not willingly to learn new thing, now I understand why so many adult people feel suffer in their life because they don't rewire their brain's potential since they were young, so here is my daily note for you; if you want to deserve the higher reward from this life, you need to rewire your brain 's potential such as making a life strategy how to face crisis, this mindset must be repeated at least 90 days trial, that’s requirement you need to fulfill, if you don't want to make it, you will get more suffering in the mysterious day, furthermore. Don’t change your lifestyle when the crisis already came by, it’s too late to make revolution because you already enter into the circle of hell, the second thing you need to do if you want to rewire your brain is forget your all accomplishment which had occurred in the past and start to become new student who attends today's first class at the freshman year, that’s mental challenge program.
Train your mind how to embrace adversity

Remember this note; adversity may come at any time and it's unpredictable, but we can’t obtain the adversity at any time, so the third thing you need to do if you want to rewire your brain is making sense of urgency to take adversity for yourself and do something that other people are not willingly to take that lesson,
here is my daily note; 
the more you create sense of urgency to embrace adversity, the more inspiration will drive you to the new fortune , in my personal opinion; the hardest thing to do in this life is doing something valuable before feeling of anxiety and procrastination habit approaches us, sometimes we need to fight it, no matter how tough it will be, remember this law; the unexpected problem is going to approach to our time if we underestimate the time interval between what we can do with something what we can finish, our desire will lose its power when we procrastinate something important, here is my last daily note; the major failure in this life is not lies what you can’t do, but there is no "strong desire" will become the major cause which can determine our failure's time in the future, if you don’t prioritize your major time to improve your lifework, your skill will not find more fortune for you.

Why people become unhappy

         Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about the main cause why people become unhappy, the main purpose why i choose that topic because many people can't differentiate between true happiness and fake happiness, there are many factors which causes people become unhappy, the first factor why people become unhappy because their natural ability level is lower than their satisfaction level, i  just want to remind you that natural ability is like self-esteem, if people don't have much of it, as result people will lose self-confidence and lack of self-reliance, I remember about the simple rule you may need to ponder; “the more you magnify your satisfaction, the more you suffer a lot, the more you obsess to obtain about the reward, the less opportunity you will yield to produce happiness, so true happiness can't be exchanged with reward because happiness is the part of biggest reward, here is my daily note; lack of beware of maximizing the opportunity, indifference about self-image, too concern about self-opinionated and having hobby of procrastination indicate that someone has poor visibility about future, if people has poor visibility, he can't create true happiness within himself.

          The second factor why people become unhappy because they sell their happiness for obtaining their temporary satisfaction, in addition, unhappy people usually behave of how to be the unproductive person, so in daily activity, unhappy people prefer to set the goal too low and they like to compromise of how to receive more reward than what they can yield, here is my daily note for you; don’t work with job which it doesn’t increase your natural skill, if you keep doing this habit, as result you will devalue your potential and your mindset will block your life path of how to get a better career, in my personal advice; you must work harder on yourself rather what you can do on your daily job, you must measure about how long you have been working with, when you feel your natural skill doesn’t grow as far as you utilize it, you would better to leave that job and start to get job where it can support your major skill.

          Remember this note; if you work hard on your major weaknesses, you just make your weaknesses is completely stronger and you will become a stranger towards your inner soul, as result, your mental intelligence power will decrease, here is my personal opinion; don't work for money if you want to become happy person, you must try to persuade yourself to work harder on your personal character in every day until your personal character can work with your dream, if you keep doing that habit, money will follow you sooner or later with astonishing accuracyif you exchange your happiness with money, you will never recognize your major skill and your life will agonize your false belief because you put the wrong direction for your lifework, here is my daily note; don’t just pick up the job where it offers you a temporary interest because temporary interest will shut down your future's visionary, if you work for bringing the value to people's lives impact, your major strength will work for you at maximum level, if you keep doing this habit, you don’t need to introduce yourself to the market place because your major strength will find the fortune for you automatically.

There is no permanent failure, you either win or learn

Run in your time race

          Hi smart people, good day isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to be new learner every day and how not to stop trying the new challenge thing, the main reason why I choose that topic because most people are willingly to avoid failure and mistake in their life in order just to get promotion and recognition from their bosses, there's another factor why most people avoid failure because they think failure can create poverty in permanent condition, but in the fact, there is no failure in this life, there is only progress or the finish line, the main reason why i express such thing because failure is part of learning process whereas the finish line is the end of previous process towards bigger challenge.

         Please remember in this life always offers the mysterious way, so we don't need to predict what is going on in the future, all we need to do now is focus on the major purpose and strip away the minor concern which may disturb our concentration level and fill the day with new creation, we can’t make different life if we just become better person than anyone else does, so the major key how to make extraordinary life is stop making competition with other people and start to learn the preferred subject you really need to learn and forget about the unpleasant experience, the permanent failure will occur when human are committed to stay in mediocrity state, there is option whether it’s whining the race or re-learning the past lesson, in this life competition there is no time to whine, the more you whine at something, the more severe pain you will yield, if you keep doing that habit, as result, you will suffer two times heavier than what you have ever suffered in normal condition.

          The main cause why people get suffered in their entire of life because they live casually about the target they have built, besides that, they lack of curiosity about the meaning of life which happen in their life journey and they are interested by doing something important in the procrastination state, as result they feel devastated about the last job or career they have taken, here is my daily note; you are today not what you have done, but you are what you have overcome, so if you just overcome the same problem over and over again, means you are in the desperate statehere are the major key how to make your life become different; learning the small advantage from the new challenge, imagine about the possibility of success, increase your curiosity level about your major skill, accepting the truth with swallowed hard and watch out the small problem which may reoccur,  here is for your note; the failure is not always bad like most people always think, your potential will grow up if you don’t disturb its growing time and you keep sowing your best effort into your life, i just remind you that your life is like the garden and you are the gardener, your job is sowing your good seed, such as good habit, study result and discipline, for the next process, let the universe grows your potential and show the progress, please don’t wait the process but trust with the universe's working habit, if you wait the process, you will miss the next fortune.

Remember; Life doesn't ask you to worship them, this life is assigned by almighty God to lend its power to you, so you can create more creation limitless, Don’t ask about the end result to the universe because the universe is the machine, but let time will count your creation, so you don't need to concern anymore, all you need to do is nourishing your creativity, knowledge and wisdom, furthermore; don’t let the one day will be empty without filling it with your unique skill, remember this note; your self-potential like the plants, when you sow the good seeds, you will reap the good thing, but when you don’t sow the good seeds, you have no chance to obtain wealth, during productive timing process, you don’t need to know the process because it’s out of human’s reasonable mind, you just need to learn how to become productive person.    

Don’t let failure be an ending, make it at beginning

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share how not to discard failure at your ending story, but you make it at your beginning story, the meaning of that statement; if you let failure happen at old age, you will feel the life suffering more severe than life suffering you can feel when you are at young agethe reason why it must be happening such thing because you underestimate what you can do when you are at young age, so your mental power is not growing up when you are at old age, remember this note; your failure can be changed into self-motivation if you consider failure as stepping stone's experience at young age, in my personal note; most people often overestimate what they can do in one year period of time and they underestimate what they can do in five year period of time, as result, they will suffer five times more severe than they can feel it at young age, the reason why it must be happening because most people think suffering will happen at any time.

          Every failure is designed to prevent ourselves to obtain the worst problem which may happen in the future, so don’t grudge with unpleasant circumstance which may happen to you as sudden because every unpleasant circumstance is the kind of gift if you really understand behind the meaning of it, you must pretend to be a lucky person who can undergo any kind of circumstance without complaining it because every failure in circumstance is the sign of God’s gift which may not happen to everyone out there, you can make yourself as your lifetime biggest competitor if you really want to get biggest reward in this life, you don't need to compete with everyone because everyone has respective enemy within themselves, if you can defeat your biggest enemy within yourself, automatically you can defeat other people's life experience, that I call as the life exclusive class, don’t just become the unlucky person who can’t take any lesson from any kind of circumstance may happen in his own life’s history, if he keeps doing that habit, as result he will lose everything valuable in this life and his entire life becomes tediousness.

In my personal opinion; you can’t obtain a newest lesson in this life if you are not willingly to exchange your effort with failure, failure and effort are the part of most powerful exchanging tool where it can be used to buy something where money can’t buy, the failure’s existence is like money’s value, when your money can’t be used to buy what you need, your biggest failure can buy something, such as fame, new skill, mental strength, prosperity, patience, prosperity, reputation, etc. please relax and try again when you get failure, that’s lifestyle you need to take before you will obtain the extraordinary life as reward, here is my daily note; the most successful people always consider the failure is normal condition because they know their failure result is temporary and their failure can become a stepping stone's experience, as long as you keep trying something unworkable at this moment, Almighty God (Allah) will arrange something to shift your unworkable plan to becomes the workable plan.

You can imagine if there is no competition in this world, this world is too boring because there is no failure and there is no challenge, the biggest competition in this universe is our darkness, I have ever told you in my previous article, the darkness in life can provide the power of focus and increase your concentration level if you are really committed to do something valuable, on the other side, the darkness in life can block your vision if you underestimate your time value, sometimes the darkness in life is designed by Almighty God (Allah) in order to teach us how to become a powerful person, not becoming a weak person, so all failures are system where it can be used to boost your career into the higher level where it provides the unimaginable wealth, hopefully you can apply this article into your life, save your life first before you save your family and beloved people's lives around you.

Failure is the tuition you pay for success

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to learn from failure, the main purpose why i choose that topic because not everyone can learn from the failure they have burdened with, I know that everyone will hate about failure, at this moment i will use the other side meaning of failure as self-discipline, in this life there is no perfectionism how to access in the success's mechanism, the reason why we must embrace failure at the beginning process because it's used to empower the human's mental health, but if we don’t embrace the failure at beginning process, we will be charged with a huge loss and many serious risk when we no longer working at unproductive age. Please remember that our mind and body need the warming up exercise before we will endure the mental pain in long term process, at this phase i just want to remind you that having skill is not enough to pursue long term target, so we need to train our mindset and our vitality around 3-5 years to strengthen our mental skill.

          The main reason why we need to embrace failure because it's part of sign that we haven't completed our progress, as long as we haven't undergone the progress, we will obtain the same result, so we need to try again and again until we can handle the adversity and learn how to adapt with bleak situation, that’s reason why failure often is being used to leverage the human resources, at this moment I would share how to choose types of exercise you need to take before you embrace failure; the first exercise you need to take is training your mind how to adapt with long term mental pain for long term period of time, at least 90 days you need to practice until your habit can form a new lifestyleduring 90 days trial, you may get hurt with such mental squeeze or more stress, but you must remember that's the main requirement you need to take in order to develop your major skill, Don’t try to skip the learning process or you will be charged with ton of mistakes, you must try to put aside your ego and try to become a new learner who knows nothing.

          The second exercise you need to take is building self-development program in order to accelerate the momentum of your major skill, the main reason why you need self-development program because it’ can be used to monitor how far you make progress, besides that self-development program can be used to reduce mental pain during undergoing the long term target, in my daily note; appreciate time is very important because you can have self-thinking time before you execute your next action, appreciate time is very crucial to do, if you take seriously at this phase, your mental strength literally helps you how to maximize your potential, failure is the sign that you are not completing your progress, here is the key phrase you need to remember; the more you try the more you know how to make next decision and the less worry you would be, be proud when you are willingly to accept the failure because not everyone will do that, remember this note; you need to introduce yourself to failure because you are still developing your natural skill, but when your natural skill has grown up, the failure will separate itself from you because your mentality is already strong enough.

 Here is the third exercise you need to take is measuring your progress in reasonable time, focus on the big picture and stay committed to pursue the dream no matter what it takes, furthermore let your intuition whispers to you how to raise your self-standard and let your failure will discard the mental block which block your mind to welcome new opportunity, sometimes failure can become the door of opportunity if you stay learning in the present time, so forget about the past in the success key how to handle the mental stress, when you can repeat that habit, you can get excited.

Stop waiting for the right time, time isn’t waiting for you

          Hi smart people. Good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about topic “stop waiting for the right time, time isn’t waiting for you”, the main purpose why I choose that topic because there is something important I want to let you know that there is no right time which control everything because the time can't be controlled by human's resources or other creatures, only perfectionist people who believe there is right time which control everything, time is the kind of device which is used to count all creatures life journey from nothingness to existence, when the time counting process has reached the specified limitation, all creatures will die, from that explanation we can conclude that time will control us if we don't make a plan for our future, here is my daily note; if we understand how importance of time value; we will not stop learning and we will not waste our time just to wait for the right time because we are serious to prepare our best preparation for welcoming the upcoming opportunity and the mysterious challenge from future.

  Here is my daily note; there is no the clear sign when the right time appears to the people’s vision because the right time is part of divine’s creation, if we spend our time to wait something great, it's useless because time will decrease by itself, here I would like to share the simple law to be pondered; number one; time is designed not to serve all human’s need, but time is designed to teach human how to recognize the meaning of life journey and how to take personal responsibility, here is the natural law you need to remember; when there is time definitely there is life, when there is life definitely there is hope, when there is hope definitely there is curiosity, when there is curiosity definitely there is question, when there is question definitely there is answer, when you get answer, you will start to plan how to do and how not to do something in your life journey, that’s simple life journey you need to design, so as human being, remember this note; the human’s main job on earth is planning, cultivating, executing, pondering and repetition,  so there is no time to worry about something you don't have, everything in life will change if you change yourself.

  If you ask me, which one is better “living 100 years with having no purpose or living 50 years with accomplished mission? I would better to live 50 years on earth  with accomplished mission rather than living 100 years with no purpose, the main reason why i answer such thing because there is essential thing of life that every living thing must take it, such as giving a service to God as part of thanksgiving and also taking personal responsibility behind the activity from what we do on earth, whether it’s positive or negativethe biggest risk in life we will face is suffering and challenge, we can't avoid both, the main reason why we need to take suffering and challenge because it’s true test where it's been used to strengthen the human's capacity before humans will face the adversity in life, if we don’t want to prepare our best version such as learning, discipline, hard-working, etc. As result we will accept injustice from this life automatically.

How to unlock the power of subconscious mind

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to unlock the power of subconscious mind, the main reason why I choose that topic because not everyone cares about it, furthermore most people assume their intellectual intelligence and mental intelligence can produce strategy, idea and build reputation, it doesn't matter to me, but let me get straight to the point; the major key how to unlock the power of subconscious mind is maximizing the power of curiosity to unveil about one's self-esteem, the main reason why i say such thing because curious person really appreciate and consider the next 24 hour will be different from today's time, so he always trains his inborn skill even though he failed many times over and over againin my personal advice; failure doesn't matter as long as you keep training what you naturally good at, your discipline, consistent learning and your curiosity can unlock your potentialhere is for your note; having curiosity is like having the adventurous habit where it leads human being how to open the door of opportunity, please make sure your good habit doesn't stop growing because it has potential to increase your mature skill.

Remember this note; subconscious mind is the biggest reward from almighty God and the biggest reward is not opened unless humans unlock it by using power of curiosity, I review many people think the power of faith is the major key how to unlock potential, if faith is considered as the major key, why many people get failed at the same level from career? Because their mind had been brainwashed with their fake belief and bad habit, in my insight; fake belief usually appears when humans stop learning and they lack of curiosity, as result they project their insecurities feeling into ill-concealed contempt, remember this note; there is no safety system in human mind, if we want to unlock the subconscious mind; break your limitation where it offers the comfort zone and don't agonize the past mistake because it can affect to human's resourcefulness development, here is the philosophy you need to apply in your life; don't trust your memory, stop worrying about what you don’t have and start to worry if you don’t maximize what you are naturally good at.
Unlock the subconscious mind

If we can’t create something great, at least we finish the ordinary job from what we start and don't let the ordinary job unfinished, that's simple way how to develop subconscious mind, if you don’t want your mind will be brainwashed with your false belief, you need to admit that you are wrong all the time, keep burning your passion and let the universe helps you by giving the right path, after that you can start to learn something, finally you become unstoppable person, here is my daily note; you can’t get new lesson if you don’t empty your mind from sense of self-righteousness, here is for your note; the subconscious mind’s power will not be opened by faith, but by your developed curiosity level, here is the law; the more you are curious, the more you learn, the more you know, and finally the more you earn.

You are the artist of your life, don’t give the pain brush to anyone else

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to hold the pain brush in order to pain your own life, the main purpose why I choose that topic because most people try to repaint other people’s lives, as a result they forget how to design their own life journey, plus they will never achieve the dream because their ingenuity and vitality are decreasing by itself, in the law of life; nobody is going to fix your life except yourself because you are the paint brush holder, so everybody has own responsibility to repaint their own personal life, if you ask me, which one are you? “Are you going to repaint other people’s lives with your water resistant paint or you let your life is being naked without water resistant paint? if i were you, I would not let my paint color is being used to repaint other people's lives because my paint color is very limited and I will use my paint color to repaint my inborn skill or masterpiece until it can shine on other people’s lives, that’s what I call the life's inspiration story.
repaint your life by self-reflection

 Remember this note; building life is like building a luxurious house, if you can't become an artist for your life, so you will never build your own house, let's compare between building life and building house, during building a house, you need bigger focus and much attention how to choose the building design and how you choose the building material before you build a house, so at this phase you need to ponder for awhile, many people don't consider their life is too important because they think their resources are enough to supply daily needs in short term journey, so before the crisis is coming from future, prepare your paintbrush to repaint your days, we need to learn how to become an artist for our own lives, That’s the life duty. remember; only a dedicated person who can create a luxurious house with their creation, that good model applying equaled method how to build a better life, I am sure you are not behaving casually if you know how dedication process is very needed to build a better life, am I right?

Don’t let your life is naked without being dressed with self-esteem, wisdom, ingenuity, vitality, philosophy, discipline and knowledge, those are requirements how to build a better life, now we got a new clue why not everyone considers that having own house is important? because they have considered earning money for short term satisfaction is more important than having a house, but if you are serious to build a luxurious house, I am sure you will save your big money, make a thrift about daily expenses for long term plan, now the basic reason why not everyone consider their lives are too important than having house because they don't have dream, remember this note; every dream can project something where it doesn't exist yet to be alive in reality lifein my personal opinion, if you think your life is more important than your friend circle, I am sure that you do not waste your time futility with your friend circle because you understand your future is 10 times more important rather than hanging out with your friends.
repaint your life color with knowledge

 Starting from today, please sit down for moment and start to visualize how to design your life by nurturing your inborn skill, nurturing your good habit and nurturing your wisdom, if you consider house is not important right now, it’s okay, as long as you have a great spirit to pursue your life purpose and you attempt to get your success personality, so keep doing it, here is one more thing; don't let your small concern will destroy your big concern, if you can stick together with your life color, I am sure that you will never get bored because you feel like staying at home wherever you go, hopefully you can start to repaint your life color and let your life value will inspire others.

If someone shows you his true colors, don’t try to repaint

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to recognize about the people’s true color, the word “true color” means the true character from people’s habit of mind and people's character's habit, the main purpose why I choose that topic because not everyone unveils their true character, besides that they want to protect self-image, no wonder most people can't recognize their own true character because they don't want their territorial area have been discovered during making acquaintanceship with newcomer, in social life, we can't hid our true character towards making relationship with other people because soon or later people will try to find our weakness point, but the most important thing is don't let other people know better your weakness rather than yourself, so in my personal opinion, if you have a good influence, please try to share it to other people who don't know you, if they accept you full, your influence will become self-promotion, so don't hold yourself when you have a chance to make self-promotion because it's part of your major resources,  one day all people will seek your major resources.

             Now i will tell you how to identify other people’s true character, here is the first thing you must do when you are going to identify the newcomer’s characterdon’t acquaint your life experience in front of someone who has just known little about you because not everyone directly is interested about it, you just need to observe what someone likes the most and learn what someone doesn't like the most, the reason why we are not allowed to share our life experience with newcomer because not everyone agrees to listen it, it’s kind of showing a good manner, we would better to ask the interlocutor’s major favorite topic or his major favorite activity in order to create warm atmosphere, if we want to build a good relationship with newcomer, don't dominate the conversation topic, we just need to talk more efficient around 20% and our speaking contents must represent with compliment tone, we must lure interlocutor to speak by giving him some questions concerning with his favorable topic and let the interlocutor dominates talk around 80% until he is willingly to share his tremendous life experience to you. at this phase we must become a good listener, once we know about the type of his true color, don't try to agonize someone's true color although we don't like it, the percentage of showing respect is letting interlocutor talks around 80% and ask  his advice around 20%.

In my personal experience; if you want to be wanted by major people around you although they are not interested about you, please use this philosophy “work hard in silence and let your success makes some noises”, the main reason why we must apply that philosophy because making a good reputation is better than making empiricism, the more people know about your good reputation, the more you are trusted by other people although you don’t know about their persona, so before we paint other people's color with our color, we need to repaint our color with trusted resources, that’s the essential of making good investment by using our true color, the more you are trusted, the more you create personal branding, you may repaint other people's color if they already show their boring life color, at this phase you don’t need to influence other people by showing your true color anymore because your personal branding is already enough to attract other people’s emotions, once you have the personal branding, there is no one can repaint your coloring.
Helping people is part of repainting your life color
 Don’t wait other people to like you if you want to make tremendous success, I am afraid you will be considered as snob person if you do that, you just need to demand yourself how to find the most favorite problem where it has ever wanted by majority people, once you use your major focus to solve that major problem, you become a valuable or attractive person, that’s strategy how to repaint your life color, in my personal experience, people who are committed with discipline, their characters become a magnet and they become prosperous man.