Be the love you never received

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to make an unexceptional love that you never received before, the main reason why i choose that topic because many people are trying to find the matched love without improving their loving qualification first, as impact their love quality can't attract to other human's love, there are many points that you need to remember if you want to obtain the highest love qualification, the first point that you need to obey is don’t trust your memory, keep sharing what do you know to other people and don’t share any information that you don’t know about the detail, here is the philosophy that you need to learn it; life is like the plastic, it can be injected, it can be squeezed, it can be controlled, it can be molded, do you understand ?Okay, let me give a clue to you how to understand it, if you want to get an unexceptional love, your life must be injected with knowledge, it must be squeezed with discipline, it can be controlled with emotional intelligence and it can be molded with power of willingnessthose are the points that you need to ponder it, 

          Love can’t be collected like child who is buying the candy, love must be built by having an integrity and fulfilling it with life of virtue, you can’t ask the bad character to fulfill your happiness because bad character only gives you a false belief, if you are committed and keep behaving with bad character, as impact, you will feel like the prisoner who is staying in the jail where he has no clear future and his mind has been haunted with fake promise, starting from now, you must find someone who can teach you how to allocate your next days to the right track, such as find someone who can teach you how to increase your power of service, if you succeed at this trial phase, as impact other people will give you treat well, remember this philosophy; the bad characteristic always ask your ego to imagine the possibility of failure, in my personal advice; if you feel unhappiness about the bad treatment that you have received, don't justify it as bad treatment, but you must distract your focus by imagining the possibility of bad thing is at the final phaseif you can succeed at this second trial phase, you are being chased with an unexceptional love.

          Here is the law of unexceptional love; don't demand other people to pursue you, but demand yourself how to increase your power of service, don’t wait other people to serve you better before you serve them better first, the main reason why i recommend to practice such thing because you can’t attract a bigger power before you provide a bigger power first, that’s sign of justiceyou can learn from the sun philosophy; sun always shine its light to another planets without asking them to receive the light, sun knows that other planet can't give back the light like what sun always does, but on other hand, other planets will revolve to the sun as an act of commitment to the sun, that’s unexceptional love, so please don't consider the majority of human's feeling love can't get wrong but at least power of love can educate you how to increase your potential and how to stop your egoism's working, hopefully this article will help you to make better life and better future.