Don’t cry to someone who doesn’t cry losing you

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to appreciate yourself from unfair treatment such as feel unloved, feel rejected, feel disappointed, feel neglected and feel betrayed, most people consider that kind of problem comes from outer world (society, people's lifestyle, social bond, government policy, etc.) but the truth says the problem is coming from our inner world because we can't apply the sense of justice within our consciousness such as we put our highest expectation to other people who are not willingly to accept us, or we demand other people to give a better service to us without considering about other people's capacity first, that's sense of injustice, remember this note; we must apply the universe' law within our inner world if we want the outer world to give something better to our expectation, that's sense of justice, so if we succeed to improve our inner world, the outer world will change for us automatically.

          We must remember that we shouldn't expect to someone to stay if she rejects our commitment, but we can give a best support to someone who is willingly to stay committed, that's sense of justice, some moments in life are designed to align with our attachment, such as sense of justice, remember this simple law; people join with us because they believe with our sense of justice, people stay with us because they are committed with our sense of justice, and people left us because they feel dissolute from our injustice, so here is my personal advice; we must be sincere whenever our existence will be replaced with something better and we must be ready to accept the injustice way if we don't apply sense of justice to our daily life.

          Some adversities in life are inevitable and irreplaceable, Sometimes we can't avoid the heartbroken because we always think positive when the negative comes, we must not think positive when the negative comes, the main cause why the negative comes because we use our bad habit to attract it, we must think negative when the negative is dealing with the dangerous potential, that's tough challenge in this life, so before we start to cry and regret of something, we must check whether our habit in line with our philosophy that we followed, remember; don't cry when other people deceive you, but you should cry when you too believe over their misbehaviordon't feel lost when other people succeed to trick you but you should repent when you always deceive your pure heart, remember this note, “whatever the bad situation you are getting into it, it's running temporary, so don’t stress about it because it’s part of God's test, if you succeed to stay away and you don't get involved from bad situation, you deserve win, but the bad thing can be permanent if you are committed and you are willingly to stay with it”, don’t try to change the outer world's system because it already become a program, when you succeed to change your inner world, the outer world will change for you.

          So remember this note; not all people will deserve your existence, don’t ask them to love you even though you have loved them, but try to appreciate yourself by making your own creation where other people can’t create it, stop crying to someone else who doesn’t deserve you, love is like the magnet where it can attract everything you think about it, remember this note; life doesn’t create the bad thing or good thing because this life system is neutral, good or bad judgment is manufactured by human’s qualification of mind, good judgment is coming from your good experience and bad experience is coming from bad judgment, success is coming from the consequence of program which has been trained and tested in human's daily habit and the result of training program will create the true happiness, so you can't find the true happiness through other people's judgment, please reassure yourself.

Don’t cry when you are distressed because your crying doesn’t change everything to be good, your life will not change by a chance, but your life will change by your choice, you should cry when you don’t use your time wisely because the successful people and unsuccessful people are determined by their timing calculation, let other people get inspired by your success story and let them cry for losing you, you can’t change other people’s life journey because everybody has different life story, if you have inspirational story, teach other people to see better thing from their own vision and don’t share your weakness to other people because not everyone is willingly to accept it.