Don’t expect to get what you give, not everyone has a heart like you

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? today I would like to share about how to control about your expectation, the main reason why I choose that topic I have observed many people get trapped with expectation because they think expectation will answer their doubt, in fact; every expectation is life test which it is used to measure how serious people to pursue what they really want, if you can realize your expectation will come true, you will not lose your self-control or enthusiasm because your expectation is going to approach your time, I don't prohibit you to make expectation, but when you expect from human being, it's totally wrong principle, you must give your expectation to yourself as a gift because only you can change your life design, not other people, so you must demand yourself to pursue your expectation no matter what it takes, I just remind to anyone who reads this article, if we don’t know how to control our pleasure, we will not pass the expectation examination because most expectation is used to test our patience ability whether it will  fail or pass.

            Remember that not all expectation are suitable for our capacity because one side of expectation has a good place to give us a chance to learn from challenge, another side is creating our darkness, what’s meaning of it, when we can achieve our expectation, we will learn how tough our struggle to surpass it, but when we can’t achieve our expectation, we will get mental disorder because there is the expectation pressure within, here is the lesson to avoid the negative side from our expectationyou must beware about your expectation because most expectations are not part of happiness because they dwell into the fantasy world, just like the TV's entertainment program, please be realistic thinker, here is the lesson for your note; if the reality supports your expectation, you can go all in, but if your expectations can't be loyal to you, so you must train your mind how to accept disrespect from your expectation, here is my daily note that I used to motivate me when I am in troubleif you want to attract the powerful expectation, you must become a powerful person who has enough self-esteem and good reputation, that law of justice, but if reality doesn't support your expectation, you can let go of something where it doesn't deserve to you, you just need to focus on the possibility of succeed, not execute at the final decision.

If you can’t control your emotion for your expectation, definitely you can’t control your eagerness, that's law, it’s dangerous if you keep pushing yourself to expect something good from someone or something which can't give you a reward, so before you want to transform your expectation to the reality, you must learn how to handle the mental pressure because majority of pleasure in this world are deceiver, the reason why I say such thing because many people had die easily because they pursue their pleasure until they lost their faith, remember this note; when you can’t withstand with your sense of pleasure, automatically you can’t withstand the unfairly treatment from other people's treatment, don’t let the pleasure deceives you by giving short term reward and the pleasure will make you suffer after you lose your self-control, you must train your mind about act of giving, the ancestor says "the more you give the more you get, the more you learn, the more you earn, the more you are curious at something, the more you see two thing; namely big risk and big opportunity, when you can’t handle big risk, you will receive the dangerous treatment as consequence, but when can handle big risk, you will get big opportunity as well as big reward, that’s life rule.

When you can learn and apply about the life rule, you always beware about the reward, pleasure, risk or dangerous which may come to you at any time, you must be ready at any time, sometimes Almighty God gives you sense of pleasure to test your patience whether it can control your pleasure or you will be destructed with your own pleasure, now I understand why so many people are not allowed to be rich by God because they don’t train their mind how to behave patience when they have poor mindset, here is my last note; the power of patience is very powerful tool in this universe because it can take care our heart from the side effect of darkness from expectation and also the patience can offer us opportunity to relearn something new when we get a negative feedback from our pleasure.