Don’t let failure be an ending, make it at beginning

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share how not to discard failure at your ending story, but you make it at your beginning story, the meaning of that statement; if you let failure happen at old age, you will feel the life suffering more severe than life suffering you can feel when you are at young agethe reason why it must be happening such thing because you underestimate what you can do when you are at young age, so your mental power is not growing up when you are at old age, remember this note; your failure can be changed into self-motivation if you consider failure as stepping stone's experience at young age, in my personal note; most people often overestimate what they can do in one year period of time and they underestimate what they can do in five year period of time, as result, they will suffer five times more severe than they can feel it at young age, the reason why it must be happening because most people think suffering will happen at any time.

          Every failure is designed to prevent ourselves to obtain the worst problem which may happen in the future, so don’t grudge with unpleasant circumstance which may happen to you as sudden because every unpleasant circumstance is the kind of gift if you really understand behind the meaning of it, you must pretend to be a lucky person who can undergo any kind of circumstance without complaining it because every failure in circumstance is the sign of God’s gift which may not happen to everyone out there, you can make yourself as your lifetime biggest competitor if you really want to get biggest reward in this life, you don't need to compete with everyone because everyone has respective enemy within themselves, if you can defeat your biggest enemy within yourself, automatically you can defeat other people's life experience, that I call as the life exclusive class, don’t just become the unlucky person who can’t take any lesson from any kind of circumstance may happen in his own life’s history, if he keeps doing that habit, as result he will lose everything valuable in this life and his entire life becomes tediousness.

In my personal opinion; you can’t obtain a newest lesson in this life if you are not willingly to exchange your effort with failure, failure and effort are the part of most powerful exchanging tool where it can be used to buy something where money can’t buy, the failure’s existence is like money’s value, when your money can’t be used to buy what you need, your biggest failure can buy something, such as fame, new skill, mental strength, prosperity, patience, prosperity, reputation, etc. please relax and try again when you get failure, that’s lifestyle you need to take before you will obtain the extraordinary life as reward, here is my daily note; the most successful people always consider the failure is normal condition because they know their failure result is temporary and their failure can become a stepping stone's experience, as long as you keep trying something unworkable at this moment, Almighty God (Allah) will arrange something to shift your unworkable plan to becomes the workable plan.

You can imagine if there is no competition in this world, this world is too boring because there is no failure and there is no challenge, the biggest competition in this universe is our darkness, I have ever told you in my previous article, the darkness in life can provide the power of focus and increase your concentration level if you are really committed to do something valuable, on the other side, the darkness in life can block your vision if you underestimate your time value, sometimes the darkness in life is designed by Almighty God (Allah) in order to teach us how to become a powerful person, not becoming a weak person, so all failures are system where it can be used to boost your career into the higher level where it provides the unimaginable wealth, hopefully you can apply this article into your life, save your life first before you save your family and beloved people's lives around you.