Don’t practice until you get your purpose is clear

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to make clear purpose before we get ready to begin the game of life, the main reason why I choose that topic because many of us choose the game of life without understanding about the offering and long term risk from that game, i review many people can't achieve their dream in the rest of their life because they can't pinpoint between their skill-set and their dream, remember; not all games can be fitted with your specialty, you must check your strength point and your weak point whether the game you have chosen is reliable with your specialty or not, the game of life is like the career or job which tells you how to do it for long term journey.

          This life has natural ability which lends you the unlimited power, it will work at maximum level when you are enthusiast and focus how to play the game that you have chosen, don’t just rely on the game where it offers you a fake promise or interest at the starting point only, but you must check whether the game is going to destroy your future or cultivate your future, a good game offers you with the short term interest but in the end journey it gives you fabulous of anxiety and fear, so you must beware about the kind of game you are playing with, in my personal advice, don’t play with the good game, but you need to pick up the challenge game which doesn’t offer the interest in the short term, but it offers you an evolution and growth mindset in the long term, the main reason why you need to choose that challenge game because it will unlock your wealthy mindset.

          Remember this philosophy; there is no game of life which is designed to give you an interesting story at the first time, just like when you sow the fruit seed in the first time and you can't reap the fruit at the same time you sow it, I give you the note; you can’t judge something when the story is still begun, but you are allowed to judge when the story is finished, that’s act of maturity, no matter how much effort you have used to make a better career or better income, you must deal with the consequences and risk during you are in the middle of the game story, don’t quit when the story series isn’t finished unless you will never get biggest reward, so if you feel unpleasant or uncomfortable during facing the risk, it’s normal process, you must consider that you are new learner who is trying to enjoy the process, if you have enough reason or you have determined about the game you have chosen, you can practice with it.

           I have seen lately many people are interested with good game where it offers them fabulous of satisfaction but remember; the good game will not offer an idea because the good game is designed to turn off your creativity and this game will give you the short term satisfaction, all you need to do is taking challenge game which is commensurate with your passion, go to work on that area with few discipline every day, in my personal advice; be specific thinker, just like the athletes mindset, before an athlete begins to practice, he makes very clear purpose and he counts how much effort and training program he needs, hopefully this article will give you inspiration.

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