Failure is the tuition you pay for success

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to learn from failure, the main purpose why i choose that topic because not everyone can learn from the failure they have burdened with, I know that everyone will hate about failure, at this moment i will use the other side meaning of failure as self-discipline, in this life there is no perfectionism how to access in the success's mechanism, the reason why we must embrace failure at the beginning process because it's used to empower the human's mental health, but if we don’t embrace the failure at beginning process, we will be charged with a huge loss and many serious risk when we no longer working at unproductive age. Please remember that our mind and body need the warming up exercise before we will endure the mental pain in long term process, at this phase i just want to remind you that having skill is not enough to pursue long term target, so we need to train our mindset and our vitality around 3-5 years to strengthen our mental skill.

          The main reason why we need to embrace failure because it's part of sign that we haven't completed our progress, as long as we haven't undergone the progress, we will obtain the same result, so we need to try again and again until we can handle the adversity and learn how to adapt with bleak situation, that’s reason why failure often is being used to leverage the human resources, at this moment I would share how to choose types of exercise you need to take before you embrace failure; the first exercise you need to take is training your mind how to adapt with long term mental pain for long term period of time, at least 90 days you need to practice until your habit can form a new lifestyleduring 90 days trial, you may get hurt with such mental squeeze or more stress, but you must remember that's the main requirement you need to take in order to develop your major skill, Don’t try to skip the learning process or you will be charged with ton of mistakes, you must try to put aside your ego and try to become a new learner who knows nothing.

          The second exercise you need to take is building self-development program in order to accelerate the momentum of your major skill, the main reason why you need self-development program because it’ can be used to monitor how far you make progress, besides that self-development program can be used to reduce mental pain during undergoing the long term target, in my daily note; appreciate time is very important because you can have self-thinking time before you execute your next action, appreciate time is very crucial to do, if you take seriously at this phase, your mental strength literally helps you how to maximize your potential, failure is the sign that you are not completing your progress, here is the key phrase you need to remember; the more you try the more you know how to make next decision and the less worry you would be, be proud when you are willingly to accept the failure because not everyone will do that, remember this note; you need to introduce yourself to failure because you are still developing your natural skill, but when your natural skill has grown up, the failure will separate itself from you because your mentality is already strong enough.

 Here is the third exercise you need to take is measuring your progress in reasonable time, focus on the big picture and stay committed to pursue the dream no matter what it takes, furthermore let your intuition whispers to you how to raise your self-standard and let your failure will discard the mental block which block your mind to welcome new opportunity, sometimes failure can become the door of opportunity if you stay learning in the present time, so forget about the past in the success key how to handle the mental stress, when you can repeat that habit, you can get excited.