Forgiving you is my gift to you, moving on is my gift for myself

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to unleash peaceful heart from restlessness, in this article i want to convince you that every difficult situation has asked us not to take the same journey in one level because life system has offered unlimited challenge, if we drive one target in the same journey, our lives will be so bored and not worthy to be given to other people, just like we spend our times to pursue money only, our lives will not bring magnificent result, so we need to challenge ourselves to take the worth lesson from every moment we have chosen such as we join the competition, we join the social community, etc. Sometimes we can’t avoid mistake and failure because some of them are designed to make us stronger and make us become attractive person, so act of moving on in every single day is part to lose our restlessness from the past moment and act of forgiving also can help us to leave the mental burdensome.

In daily life, we often get bumped with the social bonds problems, such as the economic inequality, the racial inequality, the knowledge inequality and the lifestyle inequality, that's life competition, if we are not ready to accept those condition, we will become troublemaker, so we need to design our life story by gifting ourselves first, such as stopping the chain of bad habit in order to discard the inessential thing which it's embedded into our past memories, accept the unacceptable thing from the fact, stop cursing our future, forgiving ourselves by refining our philosophy and unlearn from our bad judgment towards new problem, if we can't make good life journey pattern, as impact, our inborn skill, our masterpiece, our personality and our reputation are rejected by the outer world competition.

We don’t need to change other people's philosophy because everyone has quota of mistakes from their great mistakes, sometimes not all philosophy are acceptable, we need to motivate ourselves with inspirational story before we share to others, from bad influence we can measure how tough our maturity when we face the unexceptional mistake, so we can learn how to defend our attitude and protect our mindset when we face the bad influence, remember this; forgiving others is an act of maturity and stop living from bad influence also is part of self-maturity, there is no bad person in this world, there is only a bad influence maker, we should attack human’s bad influence, not attacking human’s existence, before you gift something to yourself, make sure you already gift yourself with good influence, that's act of maturity.


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