God is about to do things you have never imagined

God's wisdom can't be concocted by human's wisdom

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to accept the truth by leaning Almighty God's decision, I know this topic will perplex you because you will find the remarkable curiosity from this article, first of all i would like to remind you not to reject the natural system because it represents Almighty God's wisdom, if you reject God's wisdom, you can't build the longevity happiness and if you accept God's wisdom, you will feel awkward and you will feel curious because He will give you the unexpected challenge and unlimited curiosity, but if you want to know what God is about to do things, don't imagine about God's activity because you will never get the answer, but you can get the answer when you can interpret the light and the darkness's existence, the Light represents enlightenment whereas the darkness represents the ignorance, if you feel curiosity about the natural law and you love about knowledge, you will feel God's wisdom, but if you are not interested at all about God's wisdom, He will do nothing for you, as impact the darkness will approach you.

        Remember this note; God will work extraordinary thing when you appreciate about the time, such discipline in time management, or doing like what practitioner always do, here is for your note, don't believe about human's wisdom where it doesn't awaken your self-awareness because every words from human's wisdom will awaken the act of belief, at this point, you must be careful because not all human's wisdom are correct, power of belief is very crucial because it will determine where your spiritual goes, you can't give your power of belief to someone freely or you let someone steal it from you as freely, if you do it, you are creating the disaster for your spiritual intelligence, if there is law where it doesn't allow you to think better, leave it behind because it will cause you to possess stupidity, if you want to obtain your divine potential, you must train your mind how to think about the truth and improve your philosophy until it has connected with God's wisdom, remember this note; Almighty God will do the unnatural thing if you keep unlocking your potential by learning the process, not the end result because all results are determined by the dedicated process, in my personal advice; don't trust to your memory because not all memories contain good experience, if you believe your all memories, you will recall the darkness to stay working in your self-consciousness.

          If you are willingly to learn something new every day even though you are not interested with it, you will meet with the moral philosophy and it will guide you how to become valuable person, here i would like to remind you not too believe about the meaning of success because success is coming from the personal mindset, some people believe confidence is the key of success, but have you ever thought that the criminal guys also succeed by doing the crime and they are too confidence to show it in the public area, here is one of my favorite note; don't believe that every your success story in the past can give you the new enlightenment in the future, the main reason why i say such thing because every enlightenment is coming from God's decision, you can't linger for too long within your success story in the past because yesterday and tomorrow are having respective time rule.
God always give you an unexpected challenge to expand your self-awareness

God doesn't ask you to get succeed by to do something, but He will value your dedication when you do it with truly heart, you just need to maximize your focus, do what you can improve and don't do something that it can't improve you, don't try to underestimate power of dedication because it will alter you how to become the next person in the future, In my personal opinion, don’t think about reward if you want to deserve it because human's time can't interfere divine's timing, as human being, our main job is staying focus to do what we can and trust with divine's potential, remember this note; reward is the end result and process is the cause or trigger, we can’t demand the reward to serve us as long as we can’t create extraordinary good habit, here is the warning note that you need to ponder; 1. don't let divine will burn your tomorrow's opportunity, 2. don't ask the divine potential to control your limitation, 3. don’t let small concern will create a big worry for you because big worry can cause your enthusiasm is decreasing.