How to be patient when God makes you to wait

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share how to be patient when God makes you to wait, the main purpose why I choose that topic because not many people in the world know how to be patient while waiting from God’s decision, at this moment I will share about strategy how to understand God’s decision; the first strategy what you need during waiting God’s decision is becoming the most busiest person who have the million critical question, the main reason why you must have a critical question because it can train your mind how to find your inborn skill and how to practice your trust in God's decision, remember this note; opportunity will not offer you a big reward if you can’t challenge yourself how to awaken your inborn skill, in my personal experience, I start to recognize my inborn skill when my age is 28, may be you will ask me, why it takes so long? Because I need to re-frame my vision and reconstruct my power of faith to unlock self-potential, so during 20 years I need to build my zero skill, refine my philosophy and build excellent habit .

Here is the second strategy what you need during waiting God’s decision is having ability how to endure long term pain and having ability how to prolong the self-pleasure in long term pain, remember; if we don't lose the power of enthusiasm even though we were failed, we can't lose it because our spiritual intelligence prevents it to happen, don’t be afraid with the suffering existence because it can be used to strengthen our mental strength and also every mental pain can offer you a multiple creativity and a multiple idea in order to face the upcoming crisis from futuremaybe you have ever heard the proverb “No pain, No gain”, means you need to suffer if you want to achieve something new, that’s normal life and also it’s part of the law cause and effectif you avoid the suffering with cautiously, you will get severity mental disorder because your mental development hasn't got maturity, remember; suffering is the true test to get new achievement in this life, if you look at mother's pregnancy, she needs 9 months 10 days to suffer before she will give birth a cute baby on earth, during the birth process occurrence, mother will feel the serious pain because she is bleeding, but in the end process, she will forget her labor pain after she can see her baby's face, that's life.

In my personal advice; during waiting God’s decision is keep educating yourself with new knowledge as if you had known nothing, let’s bring humility to stay within our world, remember; good character is first guarantee how to influence people' mindset to achieve achievement in their life, so don't underestimate it, Here is third strategy what you need during waiting God’s decision is stay trusting with divine’s timing and focus on how to achieve daily target with the personal development program, the main reason why we need to build personal development program because our major skill can’t grow if our mindset are being locked by itself, so we need to unlock our potential by activating personal development program and the power of spiritual intelligence until we can recognize our strength point and weakness point, here is my last note; Almighty God (Allah) knows about our capacity including our ability to be patient, He says “God doesn’t charge the human’s soul except within its capacity”, that's my insight about life, so don't limit your potential to grow, I think that’s my strategy how to be patient during waiting God’s decision.