How to grow our potential with artificial emergency program

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to grow our potential energy with artificial emergency program, the main reason why I choose that topic because I am compassionate about many adult people where they lose their potential energy when their age already mature and they still don't know to run the inborn skill to the reality life, the major problem why they can’t recognize their own potential source of skill because they use their major time to do the minor purpose and they prefer to work maximal for pursuing a lot of money, as impact, when their age reached the pension time limit, they can’t maximize their opportunity to evolve anymore because they don't build the financial independence skill at young age and they don't build self-development foundation, now we are talking about how to minimize the external world’s influence which may steal our internal world, the first thing we must have if we want to grow our potential; building own dream for the long term plan, the reason why we must create it immediately because it can suppress us not to do the unproductive thing from our daily life such as watching TV more than 1 hour per day, watching cinema twice a week, go idle away to mall once a week without having the major purpose, etc.
self awareness will correct human's vision and self- analysis will correct the human's life strategy

 the second thing we must have if we want to grow our potential; unlearn the bad influence which may come from friend circle, social bond, the public community, etc. The reason why we must avoid it because the bad influence maker usually offer us the chit chat and the unworthy gift, if we stick together with them, as impact, we will devalue our life journey and we will not obtain big opportunity to welcome big challenge, so starting from now, discard what the inessential thing, develop what's useful and grow the talent, learn how to be wiser no matter how difficult it will be taken, here is my personal note; don’t just attract the major attention from the unproductive people’s circle because they are going to transfer their bad influence to us and they will teach us how to build a mischief reputation, as impact, we will get a bad reputation, then our mentality power won’t grow and unwittingly our potential is decreasing by itself because our times have been stolen away by them, here is the additional note; don’t let other people will steal your major time as freely because our wasted time will steal our fortune, once we lost fortune, we will get poor mindset.

The third thing we must have if we want to grow our mentality; making daily target with the artificial emergency plan, the main reason why we must create the artificial emergency program because it will sharpen our idea, enrich our creativity, enrich our spiritual intelligence and also it will increase the power of curiosity in order to increase the sense of self-worth in the future, remember; if you want to create an extraordinary life, imagine that you have 24 hours to live on earth, within having restricted time, you must start to do something that 99% people can’t do, then don’t try to do what 99% people can do, when you can use your time wisely right now, I believe, your time will multiple your self-esteem in the future and you will be chased with unlimited wealth and you will be graced with the abundance of health, happiness and prosperity.