How to rewire your brain

          Hi smart people, good day, today I would like to share about how to rewire your brain, the main purpose why I choose that topic because most people tend to follow something that it offers pleasure but they don’t want to learn about the risk within pleasure and they don't want to undergo the learning process within pleasure, that’s main reason why they can’t rewire their own brain potential, some of pleasures are swindler and some of pleasures are not educating something benefit to us except the pleasure will treat us bad after it is going to leave us, today's main lesson; pleasure can't give us priceless lesson, instead it will leave dumb, here is my daily note; the brain potential can't grow without making daily practice, stay curiosity about new thing and embrace challenge, it looks unpleasant habit, but that's life's exam.
Cultivate your mind like what you sow a good seed in the ground

          At this moment I would share how to rewire your brain with simple method how to make living better, the first thing you need to do if you want to rewire your brain is being unique rather than being best, the meaning of that statement is “no matter how tough our efforts were in the past, we must prepare ourselves how to make new creation for welcoming tomorrow’s challenge because every single of tomorrow offers different challenge, so if we don’t make any preparation for tomorrow, we will lose self-worth automatically", remember this note; you are today not what you have done, but you are today what you have overcome, the meaning of it; our skill can become mature when we have overcome our personal issue by breaking our comfort zone and surpassing our fearfulness zone, if we can’t solve our personal problem, we will be pushed by this life to retake the old lesson until we have passed the exam, that's the essential of life journey.

Remember this note; not everyone's inborn skill becomes mature because they just overcome the low standardization of problem, and they are expecting more reward but doing less, the worst condition is they are so proud not willingly to learn new thing, now I understand why so many adult people feel suffer in their life because they don't rewire their brain's potential since they were young, so here is my daily note for you; if you want to deserve the higher reward from this life, you need to rewire your brain 's potential such as making a life strategy how to face crisis, this mindset must be repeated at least 90 days trial, that’s requirement you need to fulfill, if you don't want to make it, you will get more suffering in the mysterious day, furthermore. Don’t change your lifestyle when the crisis already came by, it’s too late to make revolution because you already enter into the circle of hell, the second thing you need to do if you want to rewire your brain is forget your all accomplishment which had occurred in the past and start to become new student who attends today's first class at the freshman year, that’s mental challenge program.
Train your mind how to embrace adversity

Remember this note; adversity may come at any time and it's unpredictable, but we can’t obtain the adversity at any time, so the third thing you need to do if you want to rewire your brain is making sense of urgency to take adversity for yourself and do something that other people are not willingly to take that lesson,
here is my daily note; 
the more you create sense of urgency to embrace adversity, the more inspiration will drive you to the new fortune , in my personal opinion; the hardest thing to do in this life is doing something valuable before feeling of anxiety and procrastination habit approaches us, sometimes we need to fight it, no matter how tough it will be, remember this law; the unexpected problem is going to approach to our time if we underestimate the time interval between what we can do with something what we can finish, our desire will lose its power when we procrastinate something important, here is my last daily note; the major failure in this life is not lies what you can’t do, but there is no "strong desire" will become the major cause which can determine our failure's time in the future, if you don’t prioritize your major time to improve your lifework, your skill will not find more fortune for you.


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