How to support your child’s mental health

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to support your child’s mental health, the main reason why I choose that topic because many parents lose their child’s mental health, as impact, child feels unmotivated, feel unloved, and having incorrigible character, so at this moment I would share how to support your child’s mental health, there are several points you need to obey if you want to support your child's mental health, the first step is use your polite language when you try to make a chat with them, so “communication” is the major key how to transfer your mental skill into your child’s inner voice.

         In this section, you ensure your communication skill can increase your child’s curiosity, you can start to teach your child with development habit such as you teach your child how to read the book, you teach how to respect other people’s existence, teach how to clean the house or something else, remember this note; please don’t ignore the power of language because the language can open your child’s inner voice, so deep learning your communication skill rather than talking only about the thing without big influence, then don’t blame when your child when he is making a mistake, but teach your child how to learn the risk and how to avoid the dangerous thing which may harm your child's health, and let your child try to explore something until he can understand how to take a small responsibility for his own mental health.
Teach your child how to make bed after waking up

Every tone of your language will be recorded into your child’s subconscious mind, so don’t break your child’s mental growth by using impolite or rude language because one day your child will respond to you with the same treatment, as adult, please try to improve your language and try to inspire your child with inspirational story, teach them how to respect other creatures, and creating social intelligence such as feeding the animal, watering the plants with fresh water, cultivate your child’s mental with the natural knowledge such as animal’s physiology, plant’s physiology, how to use water more efficient, how to discipline, how to keep the environment clean, etc.

Remember; don't neglect your child's mental growth, you must nurture and monitor your child with good memory, do it while he is 1-5 years old because it's the development phase, so don't wait your child's age turns into 14 years old after that you start to develop your child's mental with good treatment, it's too late, please behold the tree's growth as reference, it needs long term treatment to grow big from small seed , the second step to support your child’s mental health is observing about your child’s mental development activity, means you must ensure your child’s activity is stayed away from cellphone or gadget before your child’s age turns 14 years old, you must teach how to explore about the nature more often rather than spending time together at home.
Teach your child how to build empathy after his age turns into 5 years old

Remember; your child’s mental health is long term investment, if you share good thing to your child, you will be proud and live happily because your child mental is growing to be mature, don’t share your bad experience to your child because your child’s mental is not ready to receive it, the third step to support your child’s mental health is spending your quality time with your child, means you have good preparation to share something good until your child feels inspired, your child must admire you because your existence is your child’s first teacher, don't let your child learn something with his own desire, it's dangerous habit, so schedule your time and make the time management for you and your child in order to make close relationship, remember this note; making the time management to your child is more important than giving money to your child, so don’t leave your child alone more than 1 week or 1 month, make sure you spend at least 1 hour of your time to monitor your child’s mental development, hopefully after you read this article, your child will become one of the best asset you can rely on when you are getting old.