How to unlock the power of subconscious mind

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to unlock the power of subconscious mind, the main reason why I choose that topic because not everyone cares about it, furthermore most people assume their intellectual intelligence and mental intelligence can produce strategy, idea and build reputation, it doesn't matter to me, but let me get straight to the point; the major key how to unlock the power of subconscious mind is maximizing the power of curiosity to unveil about one's self-esteem, the main reason why i say such thing because curious person really appreciate and consider the next 24 hour will be different from today's time, so he always trains his inborn skill even though he failed many times over and over againin my personal advice; failure doesn't matter as long as you keep training what you naturally good at, your discipline, consistent learning and your curiosity can unlock your potentialhere is for your note; having curiosity is like having the adventurous habit where it leads human being how to open the door of opportunity, please make sure your good habit doesn't stop growing because it has potential to increase your mature skill.

Remember this note; subconscious mind is the biggest reward from almighty God and the biggest reward is not opened unless humans unlock it by using power of curiosity, I review many people think the power of faith is the major key how to unlock potential, if faith is considered as the major key, why many people get failed at the same level from career? Because their mind had been brainwashed with their fake belief and bad habit, in my insight; fake belief usually appears when humans stop learning and they lack of curiosity, as result they project their insecurities feeling into ill-concealed contempt, remember this note; there is no safety system in human mind, if we want to unlock the subconscious mind; break your limitation where it offers the comfort zone and don't agonize the past mistake because it can affect to human's resourcefulness development, here is the philosophy you need to apply in your life; don't trust your memory, stop worrying about what you don’t have and start to worry if you don’t maximize what you are naturally good at.
Unlock the subconscious mind

If we can’t create something great, at least we finish the ordinary job from what we start and don't let the ordinary job unfinished, that's simple way how to develop subconscious mind, if you don’t want your mind will be brainwashed with your false belief, you need to admit that you are wrong all the time, keep burning your passion and let the universe helps you by giving the right path, after that you can start to learn something, finally you become unstoppable person, here is my daily note; you can’t get new lesson if you don’t empty your mind from sense of self-righteousness, here is for your note; the subconscious mind’s power will not be opened by faith, but by your developed curiosity level, here is the law; the more you are curious, the more you learn, the more you know, and finally the more you earn.