How to use the subconscious mind to find your inborn skill

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t? Today I would like to share how to use the subconscious mind to find your inborn skill, the main purpose why I choose that topic because not everyone knows how to awaken the subconscious mind’s power, so as impact unwittingly they use their negative emotional act to judge their external plus internal problem, blame their disability and lock their limitation, now at this moment let me share my point of view about how to use the subconscious mind in order to find what's your inborn skill; don't focus on the root of problem, but keep focus on the long term goal where it offers the possibility of solution, the main reason why you need to make long term goal because the subconscious mind needs long term habit to stabilize the power from the human's mental intelligence, the human's intellectual intelligence and the human's emotional intelligence where they are produced by the human's subconsciousness mind.

         In order to maximize your subconscious mind, at least you need 21 days to create new habit and you create 90 days to strengthen our lifestyle, the main reason why you need to do this ritual because the subconscious mind doesn't need your false belief, so you need to discard your bad habit, your bad attitude and your poor mindset within 90 days to find your inborn skill, so in my personal opinion; don't lock your potential by making excuse, blaming other people's weaknesses, or cursing your future, starting from today, use your major time to focus how to increase your power of curiosity and maximize your sense of giving a service to others, then practice what's your strength and let your subconscious mind records the process, remember this note; don’t lose the sight of your vision when you want to use your subconscious mind because losing of vision may attract the darkness of life, keep practicing your major skill is the major key how to unveil your capacity, let your mindset is opened by the universe's habitto strengthen your inborn skill for everlasting, make sure you don’t break good habit if you want the universe lend its power to you, in every day you just need to be the universe's channel and let the universe will refill your potential.

During awakening the subconscious mind, make sure you stay committed with something what you can do and do something what 99% people won't do, remember this note; good habit will guide the subconscious mind to produce idea, creativity and mental strength, I give you the example in reality life how to find your inborn skill, imagine that your subconscious mind is the restaurant, new customer's problem is your unlimited wealth and your act of service is the product value, in order to attract your customer to come into your restaurant, you need to make preparation how to learn cooking process, prepare a hygienic cutlery, hire the waiter, provide parking lot, the light decoration, table, etc. from that short explanation, here is the conclusion; you can't get your inborn skill until you find a way how to make solution to other people who may have serious problem and all opportunities will be gone if you aren’t committed with your product value, here is the additional note; if you don’t find a way how to treat people well, you will be bored with your life journey, and you will lose the momentum how to access super-conscious mind which offers you wisdom, fortune, health and fame.

Remember this note; your inborn skill will not appear until you train your mind how to tame your emotional intelligence, this phase is very dangerous thing because you will sacrifice your time, energy and your physical wealth, so you must beware about your emotion because it's part of bridge which connect between your unlimited wealth and your inborn skill, don't let the unknown circumstance will destroy your bridge, If you want to maximize the subconscious mind’s potential, don’t ask about “when other people will give you their money?”,but ask yourself “why people must use my inborn skill?, remember; the universe really helps you when you have stubborn heart, use this the good philosophy if you want subconscious mind works for you; behave like the water where it always offers living, enlightenment, influence and self-control”, so the more you learn the more you see your potential, the more you practice the more you break your limitation.