If someone shows you his true colors, don’t try to repaint

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to recognize about the people’s true color, the word “true color” means the true character from people’s habit of mind and people's character's habit, the main purpose why I choose that topic because not everyone unveils their true character, besides that they want to protect self-image, no wonder most people can't recognize their own true character because they don't want their territorial area have been discovered during making acquaintanceship with newcomer, in social life, we can't hid our true character towards making relationship with other people because soon or later people will try to find our weakness point, but the most important thing is don't let other people know better your weakness rather than yourself, so in my personal opinion, if you have a good influence, please try to share it to other people who don't know you, if they accept you full, your influence will become self-promotion, so don't hold yourself when you have a chance to make self-promotion because it's part of your major resources,  one day all people will seek your major resources.

             Now i will tell you how to identify other people’s true character, here is the first thing you must do when you are going to identify the newcomer’s characterdon’t acquaint your life experience in front of someone who has just known little about you because not everyone directly is interested about it, you just need to observe what someone likes the most and learn what someone doesn't like the most, the reason why we are not allowed to share our life experience with newcomer because not everyone agrees to listen it, it’s kind of showing a good manner, we would better to ask the interlocutor’s major favorite topic or his major favorite activity in order to create warm atmosphere, if we want to build a good relationship with newcomer, don't dominate the conversation topic, we just need to talk more efficient around 20% and our speaking contents must represent with compliment tone, we must lure interlocutor to speak by giving him some questions concerning with his favorable topic and let the interlocutor dominates talk around 80% until he is willingly to share his tremendous life experience to you. at this phase we must become a good listener, once we know about the type of his true color, don't try to agonize someone's true color although we don't like it, the percentage of showing respect is letting interlocutor talks around 80% and ask  his advice around 20%.

In my personal experience; if you want to be wanted by major people around you although they are not interested about you, please use this philosophy “work hard in silence and let your success makes some noises”, the main reason why we must apply that philosophy because making a good reputation is better than making empiricism, the more people know about your good reputation, the more you are trusted by other people although you don’t know about their persona, so before we paint other people's color with our color, we need to repaint our color with trusted resources, that’s the essential of making good investment by using our true color, the more you are trusted, the more you create personal branding, you may repaint other people's color if they already show their boring life color, at this phase you don’t need to influence other people by showing your true color anymore because your personal branding is already enough to attract other people’s emotions, once you have the personal branding, there is no one can repaint your coloring.
Helping people is part of repainting your life color
 Don’t wait other people to like you if you want to make tremendous success, I am afraid you will be considered as snob person if you do that, you just need to demand yourself how to find the most favorite problem where it has ever wanted by majority people, once you use your major focus to solve that major problem, you become a valuable or attractive person, that’s strategy how to repaint your life color, in my personal experience, people who are committed with discipline, their characters become a magnet and they become prosperous man.