Knowledge is not free, you have to pay attention

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to produce self-knowledge, the main reason why I choose that topic because most people think in order to get knowledge, the price is too costly, as impact from it, most people can't obtain good mindset in the rest of their lives, in the new century, knowledge can't be learned freely because knowledge is considered like a lifetime good asset, besides that good mindset can't be happened at one time, it needs consistently practicing, so if we want to obtain good mindset, we need to pay a tutor, we need to go to college and we pay for training program, now I give you the clue why you need to pay attention about the knowledge rather than fulfilling about the human's skill, the first thing you need to know why knowledge is important because every knowledge can become your life asset forever where it can’t be represented by other people, such as next generation, distant relatives, comrades, partner business or your family member, the second thing you need to know why knowledge is important because every knowledge contains some the inspirational story where it can give you power of vision, it gives you the self-direction which is used to maximize self-potential and how to avoid the dangerous thing.

The third thing you need to know why knowledge is important because every knowledge gives you the guidance system where it can guide you how to refine your life value and how to discard the inessential thing from brain memories, the fourth thing why you need to know why knowledge is important because good knowledge can give you good experience where it will guide you how to survive, so every knowledge will multiple your fortune when you apply what you know in your reality, in my opinion; don't underestimate power of knowledge because every knowledge will cultivate your creativity and cultivate your future, besides that you must prepare yourself  with the cost of learning because there is no free lunch, so you must take this note as top priority, remember this note; don't let your people get poor because they lack of experience because lack of experience will invite the permanent stupidity and poor habitso without attaining knowledge, we can’t feed our mind to think better, so you must beware about what you learn because every good judgment from your words of mouth are produced by positive thinking and every positive thinking is produced by consistently practice with good mindset.

We need to pay attention to knowledge although we are busy person because every knowledge will become our intangible assets, we can’t rely on other people’s knowledge to improve our life value, so we need to prepare and plan our life journey by picking up the trusted knowledge before the future is coming, in my opinion; don't be lazy when you have opportunity to read the book, at least you can save yourself from the life competition where it will give you the crisis, don't just rely on the power of luck because nobody knows when it can happen, starting from today, please learn this philosophy “don’t be follower, be a good student”, if you become good student, you will obtain as much as knowledge from the unexpected ways and you will get fabulous of luck and happiness”


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