Life is too short to wait

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to understand this life, the main reason why I choose that topic because most people use the major time to wait bigger reward from their jobs and they consider an act of waiting is part of patience, it's totally different and it's having different purpose because patience is not the ability to wait something but patience is the ability to change from revolution to evolution without losing enthusiasm, whereas waiting is the part of prioritizing something bigger than our top priority, so at this moment I would share about how to make our lives is going to get better before we get the injustice treatment from life, the most important in this life is not how long we can live on earth and make the perfect plan but how much efficiency we can create to leave eternal legacy in restricted time.

           The first thing we should ponder about the basic rule for this life; time can’t be waited, time can’t be prolonged, time can’t be reproduced, time can’t be exchanged with 24 hours in another days, time can’t be changed with the worldly stuff, time can’t be delayed and time can’t be compromised, if you understand about the time value, I am sure you won’t spend your time to wait for the perfection of new model on earth, here is the second thing we should ponder about the basic rule for this life; there is no future when you waste your today’s time to repeat what you know or you just repeat what you can do, especially in your daily work, the reason why I say such thing because future’s time is designed to give the reward to people who deserve it after spending their major time to hard working and doing something differently at each day.
waiting activity is making you lack of willingness to change from revolution to evolution

Now I share to you about several risk you will receive if you spend your time to wait, here is the first risk if you spend your time to wait for the right time, you will lose your desire power because its power has been gnawed by the time, here is the second risk if you spend your time to wait; you will not get a new chance to grow your inborn skill because time will gnaw away your inborn skills growth process as much as time you spend your time to wait, here is the third risk if you spend your time to wait; you unwittingly create the procrastination habit, it reminds me about the life rule; the more you procrastinate towards something you can do, the weaker your potential value which it can be used to prolong your patience value, i hope you can start to ponder that message, here is my daily note; if you lose your patience value too often, everything you do will become your biggest nightmare, that’s the importance of patience value, here is the good news; you can use the power of patience to take the time interval between the miracle’s moment and the flash of inspiration.

If you really have passion, faith and willing to work hard at your scope area, you can have everything you want in this life as long as your main purpose is reasonable, the most beautiful thing in this life is when career and passion come together and the most greatest reward in human’s life is when human’s brain can evolve and it starts to imagine something that it doesn’t exist yet in this world, I call it as the insatiable curiosity power, when you have it, you can become God’s messenger who brings peaceful story on earth, hopefully you can get inspiration from this article, you can share it to your family, beloved people, etc.