Love is not an emotion, but it is existence

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to treat love's existence well, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people are trapped with their fake love and they put their love to satisfaction mode, as impact their love always persuade them to feel more satisfied and demand something special to other people, remember; demand more to others is the sign of ego, not part of love because love itself is teaching people how to care of other people's feeling and how to make a good service for them, just like Almighty God who gives his favors to all creatures without exception, so that’s the point why I will share to you how to differentiate between the true love and fake love,  the first thing that you need to remember how to treat people well is openness, respect and caring, the true love never ask your emotion to take advantage from other people's weakness because the true love has invincible power to produce idea, good vision and creativity.
Love always dedicate about what you need

           Remember this note; if you love someone, don’t just use your emotion to make her special only, but ask her to make reasonable reason why she needs to make close relationship with you, but use your curiosity to identify whether her existence can make your life emotionally fulfilling or her existence can make your life emotionally unfulfilled or burdensome, this is important note, love and emotion are not living in the same room, but it’s still connected into each other, emotion is the power to make reason why you choose someone to stay with you, whereas love is act of caring, openness and respect, if there is someone who doesn’t respect your existence, she is giving you a fake love, get rid of her.

          It doesn’t matter whether other people tell that she is good person, don’t believe it easily, you must find the evidence until your sense of your emotional intelligence can detect it, marry with someone who is having the qualified soul because the qualified soul wants the quality, not quantity, if you can’t detect someone’s character with your emotional intelligence, you can give her a commitment test, the main reason why you need it because good person will try to commit even though she is not ready to accept you, love is like giving a service, if she can’t serve you with better respect or better understanding, don’t choose her because she will swindle you, here is my personal advice; you don’t need to teach someone to be good person, but you just need to find good person who has commensurate with your significant qualified soul.

Loving someone is like spreading the seeds in the garden, it’s going to grow if you cultivate it with respect, openness and caring, but your seed doesn’t grow if she neglect to take care your garden, so if you can’t learn something advantage from your spouse’s candidate, don’t give anything reward to her because she won’t respect your existence, don’t marry with someone who can’t build your character to be better, unless you want your life being cursed with bad treatment.