Old days won’t open the doors

Let other people's power will give you opportunity to move forward

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to be different person who always open the door and the door can't be opened if you are willingly to become the mediocre person, in this section, i would remind you that you must be careful about the closed door because it doesn’t offer opportunity to you because the closed door was sealed and locked by your past time, if you break that closed door, you would not get impressed, instead you will get depressed, remember this note; old days can become your good teacher if you succeed to re-learn your good experience from old days, but if you use old days to restore bad experience, as impact, your mentality won’t grow because your emotional feeling drastically downif you want to open the door, don’t use your old days to open the door, it’s too late, so you must use your new day to open the new door, just like you are using today’s time to go to work, if you work today, you will get the payment, every good experience can be collected from the consistently pursuit about what you want to become, as long as you are committed, there are many the open door which is being offered by Almighty God to you.
New day will open the door for you if you take a big challenge 

 Remember this note; your next days can’t be exchanged with your old days, why would it that be? because every single day has a different responsibility to take care of your fortune, you can’t ask your 1st January to finish 31st January’s responsibility because your 1st January’s responsibility is expired, so your 1st January is not entitled to finish 31st January’s responsibility, the conclusion; your 1st January is valid to make a foundation work for one day only, so you must be careful to use your days more efficient because every single day is has a different responsibility to take care of the seed of miracle for your life, if you think that you can finish 1st January’s job by exchanging 31st January’s job, it totally wrong mindset, the truth is you destroy your own fortune because you neglect every 24 hours existenceyour life journey is like the garden, you can’t leave your garden for too long with unguarded mode, as impact, the bugs and the weed will take your garden, if you don’t take care your seed of miracle in every day, who will take care of it, this job can't be represented by other people except yourself, so you must realize that the seed of miracle can’t grow except you take care of this responsibility, you will miss the fortune if you run the day without filling it with discipline attitude.
The future person will open opportunity for you if you leave your past story
Remember; you can’t reap your own miracle at any time if you don't take care your seed of miracle every day, make sure your discipline in line with your creation, you can't create any creation without putting your passionate into it, in my personal advice, don’t empty your single day without sowing the good seed, just like the blooming flower, we don't know when it's blossomed because that's it not our daily job, our job is taking care and defending your garden from the bugs and the weed, Sadly many people don't know about this story because they prefer to ignore rather than learn it, i hope after you read this article, you can apply it into your life and teach your children about it.