Progress is not achieved by luck, but by working on yourself daily

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to make progress by becoming good doer, the main reason why we need to apply this method because luck can’t be obtained at any time, that’s why we need to prepare ourselves with progression, now the question is “why not everyone can get luck?” because they apply this philosophy "they always do what they can do, they always do what they know and they never want to do something that they have never tried before", if you understand enough about the statement, that’s the poor mindset you need to avoid, at this moment, I will remind you that our habit is very crucial, don’t underestimate about it because our habit can offer us two option, namely upgrade or downgrade.

          So we must beware about type of habit that we have started, habit is like the automation machine where it runs automatically after receiving the command from our consciousness, if you apply good habit, your habit will guide you how to access the unlimited wealth, if you apply unproductive habit, your habit will guide you how to access the negativity, that's option you need to ponder for awhile, so we can’t achieve great thing by skipping the process, so progress is like stepping from one path to another one in order to measure how far we have walked and how to monitor our skills, remember this note; we can’t ask other people to create luck for our behalf because luck is coming from the personal responsibility, it can’t be replaced or it can’t be handed down to other people.

          To design better future, we need to work harder than we always do something in our daily job, that's good philosophywe can start to clear our vision, then we make feasibility plan and we stay committed about progress till we can produce some ideas, remember; idea is not best reward, but idea is the sign of regular practicing result where it can predict whether our path is going to be relevant or not with our purpose, now we are talking about purpose, here is the note; you must have purpose if you want to get luck because the purpose can represent your qualification and also purpose can bring you to new life where you will never feel same again, we can’t make a better future by repeating something what make us to be proud in the past.

Here is for your note; building life is more important than building house, to build house, we need to beware how to choose the building material, the same way with how to design life, in order to build better life; we need to beware how to choose the social bonds, beware how to choose partner business, etc. Luck will happen when we truly prove that we deserve something that we have waited, we need to make evidence until our progress will say clearly that we will deserve good luck, remember this note; hard work is not good enough to get luck, we need to stay hunger about new experience, stay hunger about new skill, stay humility about knowledge, stay curiosity about the future, etc.