Stop waiting for the right time, time isn’t waiting for you

          Hi smart people. Good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about topic “stop waiting for the right time, time isn’t waiting for you”, the main purpose why I choose that topic because there is something important I want to let you know that there is no right time which control everything because the time can't be controlled by human's resources or other creatures, only perfectionist people who believe there is right time which control everything, time is the kind of device which is used to count all creatures life journey from nothingness to existence, when the time counting process has reached the specified limitation, all creatures will die, from that explanation we can conclude that time will control us if we don't make a plan for our future, here is my daily note; if we understand how importance of time value; we will not stop learning and we will not waste our time just to wait for the right time because we are serious to prepare our best preparation for welcoming the upcoming opportunity and the mysterious challenge from future.

  Here is my daily note; there is no the clear sign when the right time appears to the people’s vision because the right time is part of divine’s creation, if we spend our time to wait something great, it's useless because time will decrease by itself, here I would like to share the simple law to be pondered; number one; time is designed not to serve all human’s need, but time is designed to teach human how to recognize the meaning of life journey and how to take personal responsibility, here is the natural law you need to remember; when there is time definitely there is life, when there is life definitely there is hope, when there is hope definitely there is curiosity, when there is curiosity definitely there is question, when there is question definitely there is answer, when you get answer, you will start to plan how to do and how not to do something in your life journey, that’s simple life journey you need to design, so as human being, remember this note; the human’s main job on earth is planning, cultivating, executing, pondering and repetition,  so there is no time to worry about something you don't have, everything in life will change if you change yourself.

  If you ask me, which one is better “living 100 years with having no purpose or living 50 years with accomplished mission? I would better to live 50 years on earth  with accomplished mission rather than living 100 years with no purpose, the main reason why i answer such thing because there is essential thing of life that every living thing must take it, such as giving a service to God as part of thanksgiving and also taking personal responsibility behind the activity from what we do on earth, whether it’s positive or negativethe biggest risk in life we will face is suffering and challenge, we can't avoid both, the main reason why we need to take suffering and challenge because it’s true test where it's been used to strengthen the human's capacity before humans will face the adversity in life, if we don’t want to prepare our best version such as learning, discipline, hard-working, etc. As result we will accept injustice from this life automatically.