There is no permanent failure, you either win or learn

Run in your time race

          Hi smart people, good day isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to be new learner every day and how not to stop trying the new challenge thing, the main reason why I choose that topic because most people are willingly to avoid failure and mistake in their life in order just to get promotion and recognition from their bosses, there's another factor why most people avoid failure because they think failure can create poverty in permanent condition, but in the fact, there is no failure in this life, there is only progress or the finish line, the main reason why i express such thing because failure is part of learning process whereas the finish line is the end of previous process towards bigger challenge.

         Please remember in this life always offers the mysterious way, so we don't need to predict what is going on in the future, all we need to do now is focus on the major purpose and strip away the minor concern which may disturb our concentration level and fill the day with new creation, we can’t make different life if we just become better person than anyone else does, so the major key how to make extraordinary life is stop making competition with other people and start to learn the preferred subject you really need to learn and forget about the unpleasant experience, the permanent failure will occur when human are committed to stay in mediocrity state, there is option whether it’s whining the race or re-learning the past lesson, in this life competition there is no time to whine, the more you whine at something, the more severe pain you will yield, if you keep doing that habit, as result, you will suffer two times heavier than what you have ever suffered in normal condition.

          The main cause why people get suffered in their entire of life because they live casually about the target they have built, besides that, they lack of curiosity about the meaning of life which happen in their life journey and they are interested by doing something important in the procrastination state, as result they feel devastated about the last job or career they have taken, here is my daily note; you are today not what you have done, but you are what you have overcome, so if you just overcome the same problem over and over again, means you are in the desperate statehere are the major key how to make your life become different; learning the small advantage from the new challenge, imagine about the possibility of success, increase your curiosity level about your major skill, accepting the truth with swallowed hard and watch out the small problem which may reoccur,  here is for your note; the failure is not always bad like most people always think, your potential will grow up if you don’t disturb its growing time and you keep sowing your best effort into your life, i just remind you that your life is like the garden and you are the gardener, your job is sowing your good seed, such as good habit, study result and discipline, for the next process, let the universe grows your potential and show the progress, please don’t wait the process but trust with the universe's working habit, if you wait the process, you will miss the next fortune.

Remember; Life doesn't ask you to worship them, this life is assigned by almighty God to lend its power to you, so you can create more creation limitless, Don’t ask about the end result to the universe because the universe is the machine, but let time will count your creation, so you don't need to concern anymore, all you need to do is nourishing your creativity, knowledge and wisdom, furthermore; don’t let the one day will be empty without filling it with your unique skill, remember this note; your self-potential like the plants, when you sow the good seeds, you will reap the good thing, but when you don’t sow the good seeds, you have no chance to obtain wealth, during productive timing process, you don’t need to know the process because it’s out of human’s reasonable mind, you just need to learn how to become productive person.