What you seek is seeking you

          Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about how to identify what is your seeking, the main reason why I choose that topic because not everyone believes what they seek is trying to attract the object which it will be drawn back to their mind, in my personal opinion; please beware of what you are thinking because the unknown or the mysterious thing will pursue you whether you are ready or not to accept it, so please delay your own gratification when you feel distracted by something attractive which it doesn't connect with something you really want, you can't make any progress if your mental is not staying in the happiness mode, that's the key how to allocate your mind power to detect the target, seeking the clear purpose is like clarifying the identification for your mindsetsuccess needs the empty room to stay growing, remember this note; success and failure is like the magnet, it will pursue you automatically based on the qualification of your mind, if you are willingly to become the valuable person, don't visualize something that it doesn't exist and start to visualize the possibility of progress.
      There are some points that causes why not everyone can obtain something advantage from what they seek, the first factor why they can’t get something from what they seek because their physical efforts don’t make any relevance within their faith, so they pursue something that can distract their focus, so activating the power of faith is the key how to make new transformation, the main reason why i suggest to have the power of faith because it is the part of biggest influence which can transform your visualization to the reality phasethe second factor why people's purpose don’t happen into reality because what they desire doesn’t connect with their major commitmentso remember; our commitment must be fitted with our activity because commitment will give you feeling of enthusiasm, and then your enthusiasm to lend you the power how to attract what you are seeking.
Observe the detail point, not the major point

 In this article I will share about the power of time, you must understand about the law of time because it is powerful to calculate the activity’s hours you have spent, you can’t embody what you seek without attaching your commitment with time, you must use your major time to seek what you seek, you need to practice your mental and physical effort to find answer, you must convince yourself that what you are seeking is making much progress, and making repetition, remember this note; if you don't make any repetition, you will not make the momentum phase because every momentum will control all of your progress that you have gained and every momentum also will control about what you do and what not you do, don’t lose your momentum because every momentum will help you to approach about what you seek, here is the law; the more momentum you gained, the more power it gets, the less momentum you make, the less power it gets.
Monitor your progress

If you fill your days with a few discipline in your days, discipline will ask the miracle to work for you, the main reason why you need to apply your discipline into your activity because discipline’s character will help you to pull the perfect time from future, as impact, what you seek is seeking you from the unexpected way, that's promise, here is for your daily note; you have to become a believer if you want to collect something that you really want so badly, all the things you need is coming from your choice, you can’t start to execute new decision without your choice, don't concentrate to the final result unless you want to lose your heavenly result.