Why people become unhappy

         Hi smart people, good day, isn’t it? Today I would like to share about the main cause why people become unhappy, the main purpose why i choose that topic because many people can't differentiate between true happiness and fake happiness, there are many factors which causes people become unhappy, the first factor why people become unhappy because their natural ability level is lower than their satisfaction level, i  just want to remind you that natural ability is like self-esteem, if people don't have much of it, as result people will lose self-confidence and lack of self-reliance, I remember about the simple rule you may need to ponder; “the more you magnify your satisfaction, the more you suffer a lot, the more you obsess to obtain about the reward, the less opportunity you will yield to produce happiness, so true happiness can't be exchanged with reward because happiness is the part of biggest reward, here is my daily note; lack of beware of maximizing the opportunity, indifference about self-image, too concern about self-opinionated and having hobby of procrastination indicate that someone has poor visibility about future, if people has poor visibility, he can't create true happiness within himself.

          The second factor why people become unhappy because they sell their happiness for obtaining their temporary satisfaction, in addition, unhappy people usually behave of how to be the unproductive person, so in daily activity, unhappy people prefer to set the goal too low and they like to compromise of how to receive more reward than what they can yield, here is my daily note for you; don’t work with job which it doesn’t increase your natural skill, if you keep doing this habit, as result you will devalue your potential and your mindset will block your life path of how to get a better career, in my personal advice; you must work harder on yourself rather what you can do on your daily job, you must measure about how long you have been working with, when you feel your natural skill doesn’t grow as far as you utilize it, you would better to leave that job and start to get job where it can support your major skill.

          Remember this note; if you work hard on your major weaknesses, you just make your weaknesses is completely stronger and you will become a stranger towards your inner soul, as result, your mental intelligence power will decrease, here is my personal opinion; don't work for money if you want to become happy person, you must try to persuade yourself to work harder on your personal character in every day until your personal character can work with your dream, if you keep doing that habit, money will follow you sooner or later with astonishing accuracyif you exchange your happiness with money, you will never recognize your major skill and your life will agonize your false belief because you put the wrong direction for your lifework, here is my daily note; don’t just pick up the job where it offers you a temporary interest because temporary interest will shut down your future's visionary, if you work for bringing the value to people's lives impact, your major strength will work for you at maximum level, if you keep doing this habit, you don’t need to introduce yourself to the market place because your major strength will find the fortune for you automatically.


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